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  35. Visa
  36. Visa
  37. immigration
  38. Nervous about processing time
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  40. Renovating Visas
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  42. dominican/ visa to the us ?
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  44. K1 Visa
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  48. 1 year visa?
  49. visa enquiry for a New Zealand passport holder in the UK
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  52. Countries Dominican Citizens may enter VISA FREE as of 2/19/06
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  54. DR High school student to US on F-student visa
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  57. Banco Popular Services for Visas
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  60. Sending an invitation for Visitation in U.S.
  61. visa
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  64. why do my papers have to be translated to spanish?
  65. student visa please help
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  67. Do Dominicans Need A Visa To Visit Haiti???
  68. ? advice re multiple entry visa
  69. Immigration-What is the average wait time?
  70. Bringing Fianceee to USA
  71. visa
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  73. what if fiance is in north coast
  74. Canadian Embassy
  75. Visas To Belgium
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  78. Application time
  79. opening a checking acct.
  80. High Demand Jobs in Canada
  81. husband's daughter in US, mother "demands" her back
  82. Help
  83. How hard is it for a Dominican to get a travel visa to visit the US?
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  85. green card / canada
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  91. MOVING to DR
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  94. Where can Domincans travel to?
  95. VISA to the U.S.
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  101. Need proof of final resolution
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  105. I130 - DCF in DR or AOS from b1-b2 in USA
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  108. Dominican Visa for Haitain citizen how easy?
  109. He Got The Call!!
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  111. Question about US Visa
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  113. Travel to Costa Rica
  114. Tourist Visa $10
  115. He got the Call!!
  116. I Need Advice
  117. help!8years here.still no visa for my Dominican husband(not legally married)
  118. help pls .. tourist visa
  119. Consulate Interview Worries/Fears
  120. Cdn Interview Question
  121. Provincial health insurance for immigrants
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  123. Visa for United States
  124. worry
  125. Laws in the USA
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  131. Canadian Immigration
  132. VISA for europe
  133. Citizenship Question
  134. Faster process for my ill fiance
  135. What the is wrong!!! Legal Help Needed!
  136. Will the Process Get Longer?
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  138. Any Help would be great!
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  141. London anyone?
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  143. US/Dominican Citizen with Colombian spouse
  144. Time line for sponsering husband to Canada
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  149. Sending documents to the Canadian Embassy in Haiti..archive info 2007
  150. Dominican entry to UK - Waiting time
  151. Application In Haiti Yet?
  152. How Long For Visas?
  153. how does this work
  154. Visa for Girlfriend Dominican Republic to USA
  155. When Will It Be My Turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. I-130 Marriage Visa
  157. Haiti e-mail address??
  158. Inextensa
  159. VISA applications for the Dominican rep.
  160. visa for russians
  161. Visa for Middle Easterns?
  162. Please Help w/Boyfriend's Residency
  163. Visa Question...
  164. Study Visa to the US
  165. liveing in the dominican republic
  166. New buisiness for the couriers
  167. Mr. Guzman can you advise me ??and others ?
  168. I need your advise..!
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  170. Letter Of Invitation to UK - advice?
  171. DR Visa is needed for Grenada? Immigration lawyer?
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  173. does anyone know any details about work visas to the U.S.?
  174. What if the VISA expired two years ago????
  175. Getting organized.......Info on Immigration Canada
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  177. Dominican eighth grader
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  181. I would love some help...
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  184. Which is faster?
  185. Requirements for studying in Canada
  186. Second Medical
  187. deleted old posts
  188. Does anyone know the answer to a baby's birth certificate
  189. I am Dutch and have temporary residency here in the DR
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  192. Spouse with US PR Card residing in DR
  193. Canadian Visas
  194. Sponsoring a spouse to Canada
  195. Common-law partner /visa canada
  196. american visa
  197. To canada from santo domingo
  198. Just wanted to let you guys know
  199. visa for my dominican boyfried to come to uk...
  200. Transit Visa
  201. Marriage Visa for Dominican Girlfriend
  202. Disicion MADE.. waiting for the call
  203. American in Canada
  204. Visa for Dominicans Costa Rica
  205. Is it a waste of time trying to get visitor visa?
  206. European roulette
  207. Help...Permanent Resident
  208. Countries a Dominican Citzen may travel to VISA FREE Holding Canada Permanent Card
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  210. Canadian Visitor Visa.
  211. Asking about a visitor's visa to Canada
  212. My Turn Has Come!!!!!
  213. What is an MP ?
  214. Visa for DR wife of Euro Husband, not living in his euro citizenschip
  215. New German Embassy EMAIL
  216. British Consulate
  217. this has been asked 1000 times...
  218. Family members visiting Toronto from Santo Domingo
  219. Sponsering your Dominican Spouse's Family to Canada
  220. How much is a medical for Immigration Canada
  221. Visa to Europe ! (via the french embassy !)
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  223. sponsoring my spouse
  224. How to Get a Domincan teen a Visa/passport
  225. Fiance visa or husband visa
  226. Info on a visitor visa
  227. Canadian visa fee application is going to be raised to 70US
  228. No visa for me this is so unfair !!!
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  230. Visa for Kenyan living in Ottawa
  231. Countries no visa required
  232. Bringing a Nanny from DR.
  233. Bank account requirements ?
  234. Santo Domingo US Embassy Serve TCN(Third Country Nationals)?
  235. Visitors visa to US
  236. Visa Questions
  237. Do I need a transit visa for US, France, Germany?
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  239. Adoption
  240. Success! Thanks to all for info. 15 days no interview Visa granted-British embassy!!!
  241. Visa for DR
  242. Moving to the States
  243. Travelling to D.R with a baby
  244. Birth Certificate issue again
  245. Immigration Interview for Canada
  246. K1 Visa
  247. Spousal sponsorship to Canada.....poster Castro's process start to finish thread
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  249. K1 or K3 which takes longer
  250. World Wide Visas Information