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    Illegal immigrants and government actions

    Why would you suggest I do that?
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    Illegal immigrants and government actions

    I have not heard of gringos and gringas from the usa, canada or europe getting deported in large numbers/round ups. If I called immigration DGIM, to report a illegal immigrant would they care?
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    President orders street lighting on hw5 from Puerto Plata to Sosua and Cabarete

    It is a new President. We shall see.
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Thank you caribmike.
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    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Caribmike... where did you get this info? Can you tell us the source?
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    Best Business in the DR

    From my experience, it is a hotel on a nice beach in a tourist area. I have seen some restaurants succeed, but it is a difficult job with long hours it seems. I have seen some apartment rentals do well, but again it would have to be in a nice complex where tourists would stay and not local...
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    Inauguration Day, Tuesday, What is open?

    What businesses are closed Tuesday, Inauguration Day? Are restaurants and supermarkets allowed to stay open? Can I buy a beer at a bar, in the supermarket or on the beach?
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    New 5 Star Hotel For Cabarete

    A new 5 Star Hotel was announced for Cabarete today. PUERTO PLATA A luxurious five - star hotel will be built on the beautiful beaches of Cabarete tourist district by...
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    Cabarete and Sosua Election for Mayors

    Anyone hear who won the elections in Cabarete and Sosua for Mayor?
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    Main road between Sosua and Cabarete

    This road is deteriorating fast, it was in bad shape 8 months ago and nothing has been done. I try hard to avoid the pot holes but hit one while driving in the rain because I did not see it. As a result I popped a tire and had to buy a new one. It is high season now with many tourists and...
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    Nuclear Power or coal, solar and wind?

    A bit of a ramble on about electrical power/energy. Back in 2011/12 I believe there was some serious discussion in the country behind the scenes about nuclear power. Duke energy wanted to be a player in it here. But since then I have not heard anything. With all the love going to the USA...
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    New Cruise Terminal in Downtown Puerto Plata

    It is reported that a yet un-named cruise line is interested in having a cruise terminal in the port in Puerto Plata. But everyone recognizes that a lot of work to clean-up and renovate the port needs to be done. Also, the report indicates that there is an interested party that wants to build...
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    Water in Cabarete

    We have been without water here for the second day in Cabarete (Kite Beach). Anyone know anything about when it will be restored? Thank you.
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    Septic... Is Jumbo Gone?

    I am in Cabarete and need to empty my septic but Jumbo does not answer their phone. Are there other companies out there we can use and do you know their phone number? Thank you!
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    Essential Oils

    Do you know of a store or person that sells essential oils on the north coast? I know I can order essential oils online and have it sent here from abroad. Thank you.