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    Planting Boxes

    Yep, thanks, I have such an app. For the above I simply took the photo and did a reverse image search and got the leave miners 'diagnostic'. Either Neem oil or h peroxide mixture was what most sites suggest, since I have the later at home, I'm trying this for now.
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    Planting Boxes

    Thank you! And yes, like I said I started all from seeds just a bit over 5 weeks ago and every morning it's a joy and excitement to check the 'babies' and see what it new today, lol! The small bamboo stick I had for the spinach to climb up got too short, he got an old broom stick today! And for...
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    Planting Boxes

    Funny to find this here, I just started a little over 5 weeks ago with my 'Project Balcony Finca'. Like the original poster here I have no previous garden experience and we live beachfront - so my hopes for success were not very high. Surprisingly, so far every plant is doing great. Tomato and...
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure (Instructions)

    Make you you have your login and the bank receipt with the CIS number both with your cedula or both with your passport. If your login is with the cedula, but you got the receipt from the bank with your passport it will give you this error. If that's the case the easiest 'fix' is go again to the...
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    Blood donors needed A- or O- in CMC Sosua

    Posting for a good friend, blood donors needed in CMC Sosua A- or O- , if you can donate or know someone you can, please share, thank you!
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    2020 Hurricane Season has a great calculator for exactly that at . For us at the north coast the center will be closest to us around 4:30 - 5am. The heavy strongest rains extend about 100 miles from the center (with a forward speed of about 20mph, that makes...
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    Missing dog, Cabarete, Camino del sol area

    Looking for lost dog, large, 5 year old female, German Shephard mix, light brown, friendly, listens to the name Lassie. Escaped from house near Camino del Sol, Cabarete. If you see her please call 809-885-4080. Thank you.
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    Earthquake, Aug 13th, 7:06pm

    just felt an earthquake, for about 3-4 seconds, haven't felt one that strong since a long time. Hope everybody is ok! SDDR_BHZ_CU (2008-08-13)
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    Can this happen to us?

    I'm following the horrible news about the damages and deaths Tropical Cyclone Nargis caused in Asia, Myanmar (so far +22,000 deaths confirmed, but numbers are expected to climb way over 50,000). Found the areal photos below (before and after the storm), showing that a 12 foot storm surge...
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    house / home insurance

    I want to make an insurance for my (small) house. So far I got a quote from the company 'Popular', which seems to be quite promising and good price (yearly fee is about 1% of property's worth). Does anybody here have any experiences with Popular home insurance? Like always, I would apreciate...
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    short term earthquake prediction?

    Came across this website: which is about short term earthquake prediction. Dr.Shou from China predicts the location of the epicenter and the magnitude of earthquakes with the form and size of clouds which appear aperantly before a quake. He also says, since...
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    Pop - Puj - Pop

    years ago I used to fly from POP to Punta Cana with Air Santo Domingo. Re the Air Santo Domingo website, they don't fly this route anymore. Does anybody know, if I can use another airline to get to Punta Cana? On what days do they fly and what times? How much does a ticket POP - PUJ - POP cost...
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    salary when sick?

    hi, does the Dominican Labor Code say anything about: 1) if an employee gets sick (certified by a doctor), has he the right to get paid his full salary for the days he couldn't work? 2) if the child of an employee is sick, so the parent has to stay at home to take care of the child, does he...
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    another x-mas salary question

    Let's say an employee makes 25,000 Pesos/month working the full year in a Dominican company. How much christmas bonus does he get? I checked the 'codigo de trabajo', Art. 219 says that the max x-mas salary is 1/12 of his monthly salary times the months he worked in this year (in this case 12)...
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    quake in the mona passage

    after a long quite time I felt another quake tonight at about 11:30 pm. Not very strong - just a short rumble. shows it was a 5.2 in the Mona Passage - so I guess this had nothing to do with our 9/22 quake and its hundreds of...