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    Anyone who can recommend an Endocrinologist?

    I have a thyroid condition that needs some specialized treatment. If anyone has had any experience or can recommend a Doctor it would be appreciated. I am expecting I will need to go to Santiago. Thanks.
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    Scotia Bank Cabarete

    There seems to be a lot of people on my FB groups talking about having their debit cards scammed in Cabarete. We had a problem once a few years ago and it took some time but it was eventually resolved. We keep a close eye on our transactions and accounts and have alerts set up also. Anyone...
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    Scotia Bank ATM at Super Pola

    Stopped in last night for a quick dash into the store, and low and behold the Scotia Bank ATM appeared to be working. Hubby did a tiny withdrawal for test purposes and everything seems to be in order. It has a location site on the withdrawal info too. Much more convenient than going to Cabarete.
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    Celebration of the life of Tom Whitehead

    Please join us in celebrating the life of Tom Whitehead, who recently passed away after a brave 4 year battle with cancer. Tom was a 12 year resident of the island and a true animal lover. He and his wife Tanya worked relentlessly to improve the health and well-being of the animals in Sosua as...
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    Former Coastal Store Now Next Station

    I stopped today at the little restaurant/take away run by a very nice Dominican person. I go there at least once a week for take out for one reason or another, always find the food very good and well priced. I had heard that he was going to have to leave because the new owner/management do...
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    problems with Scotiabank ATM's

    We have been having problems with Scotiabank ATM's this week. Canadian debit Card. Cabarete - took money from the account but gave NO cash. We have reported it to the bank in Canada and hopefully it will be resolved. also problem in Sosua - at the Metro bus station . every transaction "...
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    A Negative Blood needed at CMC for William McDouglas

    He was shot tonight in his home and requires blood donations urgently. Any help is appreciated by all of his friends!!!
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    Have searched previous threads for this, and only found one with a Dr. in Santo Domingo. Has anyone been to a specialist either in Puerto Plata or Santiago? Any assistance is appreicated.
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    Canadian resident wanting to be married in the DR

    I understand that you must have your documents translated into Spanish, now I have been advised that both my birth certificate and my divorcee decree must be sent back to my province and notarized and stamped by the Dominincan Consul in Canada. Really???? Has anyone been through this or...
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    What or who do you have to pay to get water??

    It has been 3 weeks since we have had any water delivery from Coraplata. They keep saying oh yes today we will turn the valves and send the water. Not yet! First because nobody was paying their bills, valid point. Bills paid! Now we are not sure if we haven't "paid" the wrong people...
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    Searching for a Pug

    We have a friend who has the sister of our Pug, and he would like to find a black male Pug. They would like a companion for their dog, and also to have one litter of puppies. We live on the North Coast and there does not seem to be an availability here. We are all very aware of the animal...
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    Killing in Vista Del Caribe

    Apparently, a young Haitian was murdered last night in this area. Sounds like an armed robbery gone bad. It appears that violence is escalating everywhere. It just seems to me that only certain areas get commented on or even reported. This is not a rumour starting expedition, it came from...
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    saddened and disappointed once again

    We were driving our Dominicana friend home yesterday. She asked if we would mind stopping at the chicken guy just off Pedro Clisante - she wanted to pick up a 1/2 chicken to take home. No problem. The guy there knows us, as does the business next door. Like 6 years. Hi - how are you ...
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    Our second car accident in the last 2 months

    So this is the second time we have been involved in an accident in the last 2 months - AND BOTH TIMES HUBBY WAS SITTING SOMEWHERE ELSE - MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS ! First time - having a beer at the carwash while vehicle being washed/cleaned. Drunk gringo in a Hummer careens through the...
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    A couple of things we are looking for

    1. We have seen pickup trucks loaded with blocks of ice, heading out of Puerta Plata toward Maimon. Does anyone know where the ice is made - and can you get home delivery of same ? Never had this problem in Canada, but swimming pool temperature is so high ( and we are still in April ) that we...