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    Any one using a firestic in the DR?

    Yes, it works, and with VLC, you can use those TV channels:
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    TV via internet

    If ever you're looking for channels, here they are:
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    Health alert for monkeypox

    Seems to be the new AIDS. It's coming from gays, apparently.
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    The Best Place to Buy Electronics in the DR

    Amazon & eBay
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    Pueblo Pescadores burned down again in Las Terrenas

    This thing cannot work as the road is not wide enough for vehicular traffic. Somehow LT is victim of its own success, not enough space for cars & trucks.
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    Las Terrenas is packed with folks from anywhere nowadays. Plenty of Anglo-Saxons. It's Boom-Town! Maybe too much. It's not like it used to be, but then again, everything changes... Don't expect a sleepy fisherman's village anymore.
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    Wall on the Border.

    New business opportunities for guards to make extra cash (!!!) :ROFLMAO:
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    Santo Domingo – tops for retirement!

    Seriously? Santo Domingo? Top for retirement? Who wrote that stuff?
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    Law enforcement and noise from bar, how does it work?

    It's everywhere nowadays, can't escape noise in the DR. You think you can, but eventually, you can't... Noise will kill the place.
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    Cayuca Restaurant

    El Cayuco just reopened in Playa Bonita.
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    Are you thinking about switching to electric cars in the DR?

    Mine is from Celeste Motors, I bought it in Las Terrenas, but you could get in touch with them:
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    Are you thinking about switching to electric cars in the DR?

    I don't know about cars, but we have an electrical scooter (pasola), and it's so much better than the gasoline one! Smoother to drive, noiseless, almost free of cost when it comes to charging, this is the future, without a single doubt! Now I just need to sell my other gasoline scooter so I can...
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    Why the drastic difference in deaths ?

    Aren't folks in Florida older? I mean retired people, so more prone to die from anything. Folks in the DR are tougher, they had to build resilient bodies down here, so they don't die as much, and simply are much younger.
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    All in the Family: Corruption charges presented against the Medina Sanchez clan

    So why Leonel & Margarita are not being investigated? Is it that they have a deal with Luis? Or they are absolute clean saints, having resisted temptation? Only the danilistas are dirty??? Weird!
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    Need to download your vaccination certificate?

    I received mine by email. Probably 2 or 3 weeks after completing the online form. Now I have it, looks nice & clean in my cellphone ;)