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    Hi Speed Internet in Boca Chica

    Can anyone point in the direction of places in Boca Chica that offer reliable and Fast internet connection, Cafe, Restaurants, Hotels etc? I have a WiFi Wireless Home router by Altice.... speed and reliability of that device is laughable and very far from promised by the company.
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    Getting married to a Dominican Citizen

    I am trying to marry a Dominican Citizen. So far the ring is accepted and find out the cost of filing which is 10000 pesos. As i foreigner I need translated and apostilled copies of documents such as Birth Certificate, Divorce Papers etc. Can any one point me in the right direction where that...
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    Buying pasola

    Thank you
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    Buying pasola

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    Buying pasola

    how reliable they are? Any specific model you can recommend?
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    Buying pasola

    How would i find such places?
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    Buying pasola

    I wish I knew how to ride a motorcycle
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    Buying pasola

    Why medical insurance ?
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    Buying pasola

    i dont know anything about them either. i am still trying to figure out the best way to get around. Buying a car is not in a budget at the moment. You can’t drink beer now in a restaurant ....🤪😔
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    Buying pasola

    Really depending on a price. Under $1000 possibly?
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    Buying pasola

    I am thinking of buying pasola. What would be the reasonable price ? Dont need anything fast just to get around really locally shopping etc. where is the best place to get one around Boca chica? Thank you for your help.
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    DR Photo Gallery

    Count me in
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    Hi everyone and seasons greetings from the UK. Has anyone got a High Quality photo of Sosua Beach (from Charimicos end looking towards Sosua Bay Resort) they could upload please. We're looking at getting a large print of the beach/ocean for our living room. Many thanks Jamie & Tanya...
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    Wine Stores in Santo Domingo

    Hello, Can Anyone recommend a good wine store with the best prices in Santo Domingo Area? Appreciate your time.
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    55 Gallons Drum Shipping

    I posted the company i used. Can't say anything about Awilda