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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    Greg Volt, where do you live?
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    I can buy MLB for my iPad and phone. 145USA per year. It gives me every game played. But I can only watch live or archived games. I need to know 1) how to get it from my ipad to my TV 2) how can I tape a live game to watch it later? And, we do have one of those AHEMs. Works ok for a lot of...
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    I’m wondering if I’m the only one left with a DISH satallite for tv? This year I have had to stop feeding my cat so I can pay the 2,000USA cost of keeping the service. And I only watch sports and news. However, I record then watch when I want to. An looking for some direction in accessing a...
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    Re safety: if this is your main concern you have to look for another country, or maybe planet? You are responsible for your own personal safety and the safety of your possessions. those of us who live here permanently are relaxed and comfortable but are aware that we may be targets and...
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    depends what you are looking for. Both are extremely busy. cabarete Has a younger crowd due to water sports. Las terrenas is far away from all airports except Samana but few airlines Fly there . Spend 6 months in each and you will have your answer.
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    Need urologist in puerta plata

    Anyone have a referral to a urologist in the north coast?
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    Kratom question

    What is Kratom ?
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    Sending mail to the U.S.

    I have also used the local post office to mail letters and I’ve received mail there too. Outgoing I always use the correo certificada, ten day to 2 weeks to get to destination and cheap. Nothing has ever been lost.
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    Amazon Shipments Blocked

    My Amazon order yesterday was blocked to EPS. Today EPS suggested I delete my address and replace it using APT in front of my EPS #. It worked, order is on its way! I believe that it is now read as an apartment and not a mail forwarding warehouse. problem solved- for now
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    Security cameras POP

    Can some explain to me the value of cameras as a security system? I envisioned a system that would trigger an airhorn , or 2. i thought the noice would be a deterrent as well as alerting our pretty far away neighbors.
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    Wonder if others have had this problem an the result.

    Only case I know of like yours they refused to board him. He thought that since he had an emergency t(sick mother) they would let him through but they didn’t. Maybe it depends on the person who makes the decision at the airport, they are really in a position of power. Everyone, check your...
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    new here - hoping to get some info on moving to DR

    Have you decided where you might be settling? That may bring some different answers as this country is so diverse. Knowing a little about your needs and desires might also illicit a more focused answer.
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    Need online electrical home goods website

    I am not aware of a dedicated appliance store on the north coast. Many stores have a small section with appliances. you Might have to go to Santiago and Corripio who do have a website. Hopefully someone can come up with some suggestions.
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    Ministry of Interior & Police opens offices to give Haitians IDs; 90% of Haitians don’t have ID documents

    My Haitian worker has a legal birth certificate. More importantly , he has a Haitian passport. In May of this year we hired a lawyer and deposited all necessary documents with migration to obtain a work visa and legal residency in this country. Since may, it has been continual stonewalling on...
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    Pool maintenance questions.... yes!

    If you buy a Taylor kit ( beware Amazon has some fakes) , it comes with an excellent booklet on maintaining your chemicals. It also has a little wheel that you use to check if your pools chemicals are in balance . A pool is an ever changing thing. Sun, rain and use will affect affect its...
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    Pool maintenance questions.... yes!

    If you keep your pool clean and the chemicals balanced you may never need shock. That being said, in 10 years we had to use it once. Fortunately a pool store in Sosua ( no longer in business)had two small bags. Other pool stores tried to sell us other chemicals but we wanted shock. one little...
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    Batteries for solar system

    Xtraveler , our gels are failing after 6 years. seamonkey, we use inverters with our solar. So we would need a new controller also? is there any advantage other than longer life? would these batteries catch fire?
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    Batteries for solar system

    We need to replace our gel batteries and our installer wants us to get lithium. Anyone with experience ?
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    Dominican Address

    We use the local post office. No delivery, you go pick it up. Usually gets here. when sending out we use their “registered” mail, costs more but always gets there. Slow service and I would never send / receive anything valuable . als I also understand EPS has an incoming for letters. Have...
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    Crown Royal whiskey.........

    Growing up in Canada with 3 siblings we all knew when our father had bought a bottle of crown royal, and we all waited to fight over the purple bag. It didn’t happen often and the bags were really prized. Now, when I can afford to buy CR I actually prefer CC. Maybe it’s just because of very...