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  1. Linda Stapleton

    British Airways flying to Puerto Plata

    A few months back there was news on Dominican Today and a few other sites saying that a deal had been signed for British Airways to start flying into Puerto Plata from the UK, starting in October, 2022. I've been looking on the BA website, but nothing is showing up on the flight schedules...
  2. Linda Stapleton

    Change in Process for Changing Migratory Category

    From 13th November there is a change in the process for transferring from temporary to permanent residency and from permanent to definativa. I posted under this thread:, but will repeat the relevant notice here...
  3. Linda Stapleton

    Gas stove maintenance/repair

    Can anyone please recommend someone to service/repair a gas stove, preferably in your own home, in the Sosua/Cabarete area? Thanks.
  4. Linda Stapleton


    I can't remember if there is a special place to post appeals for blood, so please could the moderator move this, if so: Linda Tchir is at CMC and needs O Rh- blood for surgery tomorrow. PLEASE present at CMC. Thank you!
  5. Linda Stapleton

    Flights from Puerto Plata to UK, via Germany

    Having found it difficult, if not impossible, to buy the return half of the charter flights (with TUI/Thomson) back to the UK from Puerto Plata, I've most recently been traveling via Germany. My route was usually with Condor as it was then possible to buy a through ticket to Birmingham (my...
  6. Linda Stapleton


    If anyone can donate A+ blood, please go to CMC Sosua asap to be tested. It is for Shelly, an elderly American lady. Thank you!
  7. Linda Stapleton

    O- Blood needed

    URGENT-BLOOD NEEDED: O- blood needed at CMC, Sosua for Cheryl Peters, a Canadian missionary serving down here, suffering with severe anemia and needing a blood transfusion. So far we have one good match, but need at least one more. If anyone can help please call CMC on 809 571 4696 Ext 1011/2
  8. Linda Stapleton

    O- Blood need for a child

    Julienne Lebrun A Serving Heart: If you are in the Puerto Plata / Santiago area I am looking for a O- blood type donor. It's an emergency for a 1 year old girl. Please keep her in prayer. Her name is Crisleidy Martinez. If anyone can help, please contact me and I'll pass on Julienne's contact...
  9. Linda Stapleton

    Easter Services in Sosua

    If anyone visiting or living here would like to attend non-denominational services over Easter, we extend you a warm welcome at New Life Church, Sosua. Good Friday 3rd April 6.00 p.m. at Parque de las Flores (to right of main beach road entrance, opposite Morua Mai Restaurant) Easter Sunday...
  10. Linda Stapleton

    Residency etc.

    I see the sticky on Residency etc. was closed in 2011 so it would be really good if the up to date information could be pulled together and posted as a new sticky on this complex subject. I know it's been covered in various threads but, as the original sticky stated, it is so helpful to have it...
  11. Linda Stapleton

    More criticism of the DR - good article

    The whole immigration issue is a time bomb, as this article says. I am involved with supporting an orphanage in Haiti and my husband is Dominican and keeps me informed of developments between the two countries and pretty much what public opinion is on this side of the frontier. This article...
  12. Linda Stapleton

    Residency Problem - Trying to contact Alejandro Abreu

    If anyone knows of a way of contacting Alejandro Abreu who used to work in Migracion in Santo Domingo or knows anything about his present status, please get in touch. It seems his telephone number has changed.... Thanks.
  13. Linda Stapleton

    Minimum balance increased at Banco Santa Cruz

    Just giving the heads up to customers of Banco Santa Cruz. The minimum amount required in the dollar account to avoid charges has increased from $300 to $500 with effect from July. I found out by chance, no notifications have been sent as far as I can establish. $10 will be deducted every month...
  14. Linda Stapleton

    Stonemason on North Coast?

    Does anyone know of a stonemason or person who would be able to create a gravestone to a good quality in the Cabarete/Sosua/PP area? If so, name and telephone number or location would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  15. Linda Stapleton

    Emergency contacts on the North Coast

    I have been trying to put together a simple little directory of emergency numbers for Sosua/Cabarete just for Fire, Police and Ambulance and this is proving less easy than you would expect. Forget 911, it isn't functioning....yet. I've got hold of a few other versions floating around and...
  16. Linda Stapleton

    Used Sheets Needed

    As some of you know, I am involved with an orphanage in Haiti, Messef, and we have just had some bunk beds donated which means that most children will now get to sleep in a bed of their own for the first time in their life. What we need now is sheets, please. If you have any that you no longer...
  17. Linda Stapleton

    United Nations in Haiti

    I'm wondering how the planned, gradual withdrawal of the United Nations will be affected, if at all, by the increasing tension between the two countries. Here is an interesting article on the subject of their role and withdrawal.
  18. Linda Stapleton

    Help with medical supplies from Ottawa via Not Just Tourists

    I'm not sure if this should be in Living or Community, but I am sure it will be moved if necessary. We are involved with a Ministry helping in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and we have good connections with Not Just Tourists in Ottawa, who provide free medicines and supplies to poor...
  19. Linda Stapleton

    Frontier Requirements for those delivering aid

    Our Ministry has been supporting an orphanage in Ounaminthe for the past six years, helping with construction and making a monthly food run. Dominicans are the leaders and us foreigners do what we can to help. I have always paid my own way at the frontier with the entry and exit taxes on both...
  20. Linda Stapleton

    Blood Needed in Sosua

    Possible need for 0+ blood at CMC in Sosua for Jenny Boudreau. Please call the clinic to check if more is needed: 809 571 4696