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    Looking for a Saddle and Horse Supplies

    Just Bought my daughter a Horse this week Now i need a saddle and other supply for her in the POP area
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    Canada Cancel all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico Until April 30th

    Government announced today that all the major airlines in Canada will stop flying To The Caribbean and Mexico Until April 30 TH. I guess my Wife and Daughter will not be coming home for a long time.
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    Dental Braces And prescriptions for Diabetics

    Anyone Know Of the cost of these items on the north cost area. and if you had a choose would you get dental work and diabetic advice and medicine in The US or Canada or would you get it in the DR
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    Does anyone use ATVs 4 wheelers or Side by Sides to drive around.

    I was just wondering if there are Expat using Atvs or Side By Sides type vehicles , Like a Polaris Ranger or RZR for local around trips or trail rides on the beach. And if so is it safe
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    Gaspar Hernandez residential brisamar

    Hello does anyone know about this Gated community property and the general area. I have a lot there that my Dominican wife bought over 2 years ago and i have never even been out to the property . But now my wife wants to build a place there. So i just asking if anyone knows anything about the...
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    After more then 10 years not on this forum I am back

    Hello Canadian looking to retire to Sosua this summer . I have lived there before But my Dominican wife and i have spent most of the last 12 years living in Canada for our Kids education, I have not posted on here for over 10 years. Looking for info on shipping my Suv And pickup to Sosua...
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    Looking for export broker and transport

    Hello i am looking for a customs broker and shipping company that can handle regular shipments from the capitol to toronto. I already have everything in place on canadian side but need a reilable company to inspect and transport to freight forwarder in the DR
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    Dreams Resort Palm beach Punta cana

    Good morning all. So i have deciede to take my wife and our 4 year old to dreams resort punta cana for our anerversary next week. I have a couple of question for our members. Frist i will be taking my jeep from sosua what is the best route to take and how long will it take to drive. Also i...
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    hotel reconmedations for grigo/dominican family

    Hello everyone. I am Looking for a nice 4 star or better type hotel in Punta cana for a great family holiday. a little back ground I am a canadian married to a domincan lady for over 6 years now we have a 4 year old little girl. So as you can see i have been to the domincan many times I own...