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  1. dinosinc

    Patio Furniture

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a store that sells PE rattan wicker style patio furniture sets in Puerto Plata area
  2. dinosinc

    Push Mower

    Hello All, I'm looking to see if anyone knows where, I might get a Push Mower ( reel mower) on the NC or has anyone seen one for sale recently.
  3. dinosinc

    Storage Cabinet

    looking to buy a lockable plastic storage cabinet with shelves in the Sosua/Puerto Plata area, any recommendations as to what shops may have them ?
  4. dinosinc

    Bank account for non Dominican

    I have read that opening a bank account requires a reference letter from you home bank , wondering what kind of information should be included in the reference letter ?
  5. dinosinc

    WiFi Access

    What to hear from anyone who is using Claro fixed internet in Sousa area, can you 1. Access the advanced area of the WiFi menu 2. Does Claro lock down the ports 3. Are you able to do port forwarding thx
  6. dinosinc

    New Guy here

    Wow great site, lots of good info Cheers