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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    Thinking we could exit faster at the airport.... 😆 We paid for extension of stay online. Got the approval letter, kept digital copies of all official "ya pagado", link to show immigration officer the DR government website describing what the prepayment for overstay is, etc. They let me...
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    Porting US number? DR # & US ? Advice please

    Hello! We finally are making a move for a permanent stay in the DR. I've had my Cell # for 34 years. While I will be getting a DR #, I'm also seeking suggestions on how to maintain that number in the DR. My DR friends and others contact me through Whatsapp by that number, but while we...
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    Samana - what's up with the smoke?

    The rain was a welcome relief from this horrible smoke. It must be toxic, it is settling down and you can see the cloud hovering. But it's back now. Is this new or a usual burn?
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    NM Visa - Tourist Tax

    Quick question. I'm entering with NM Visa for first time. What should i expect when they ask for payment of tourist tax? What will i do different at the airport?
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    Taxi to Entrance of Samana Hwy or Bus Station in SDQ?

    I will be arriving at SDQ at 8:40 am and want to catch one of the morning buses to Samana. (The first afternoon bus would be okay, too) - Traveling with only one small suitcase. A. What are the options to get to Caribe Tour bus station in SDQ? 1. Walking, gua gua, Taxi? - approx costs? B...
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    Santiago Airport by bus FROM Puerto Plata

    I would like information with cost & duration of travel. (I'm using Caribe as example.. but I don't know if Metro works or not) 1. Caribe Tours from Puerto Plata ($150 RD): Depart 6:00 am -- Arrival time Santiago? ____________ 2. Santiago Caribe Tour station How far away from Airport...
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    Unblock T-mobile no contract phones

    I wonder if it is easier to pay someone in US to unblock/unlock or can I get my LG Optimus L90 unblocked in the D.R. so I can use it with any carrier? It is a T-mobile smartphone I bought for $49. I have not ever had a number or contract or prepay/postpay assigned to it. Any suggestions? I...
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    Bavaro Express to Autovia Samana - Caribe Tours to Samana Question

    I will be in PC in March and travel to Samana to visit some old friends. Someone gave me directions to take Bavaro Express to Santo Domingo & then subway to Caribe tours station for trip to Samana. BUT, they gave me the option to stop at the Autovia Samana stop and wait for the Caribe Bus...
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    Bus route Samana to Puerto Plata?

    Hi there. We need some info about a bus that would leave Samana and travel to Puerto Plata. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
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    RSJ taxi to POP? Help

    We want a taxi ride for five of us from Rio San Juan to POP. How do we go about arranging that ahead of time? Thank you!