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    Building in the dr

    Can i get some feed back on building a home in the dominican republic such issues as cost of materials these days.building practices for roofs, floors, walls.I have read many write ups on this and there are different opinions and they are older write ups.Love to hear all opinions on this.labour...
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    looking for advise from local pro

    looking to move and build in the puerto plata area is there anyone that can hook me up with a block suppier and im also trying to find a web site on building codes and building practises in the dominican like a how it is done thing. Im in construction in canada but it is always nice to learn...
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    Looking for metal work in dr

    my wife is from puerto plata.Looking to move to the dominican republic, near puerto plata. I have 25 years experience in metal roofing and ornamental restoration. Working with copper, stainless,zinc and prepainted steel.I have done lots of design and fabrication.If there is anyone that has any...