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    Newspaper publication if Divorcio por Mutuo Consentimiento?

    If the divorce is by mutual consent, there is no need to notify anything because the spouses have agreed to the divorce in advance. The notice and the ad in the newspaper only applies to divorces for cause.
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    I suggest that you ask for recommendations from friends or family who have dealt with Dominican lawyers before, as well as with your embassy, which usually has a list of reputable practitioners. You should also make sure that the lawyer you choose specializes in the type of case you want him to...
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    Invitation to Book Launch by Fabio Guzmán Ariza

    I invite all forum friends interested in Dominican legal issues, especially in civil, commercial and real estate litigation, to attend the launch of my latest book. The event will take place on Wedneday, November 30, at 6 pm, in the auditorium of the Dominican Supreme Court (see attached...
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    Trapped in a Bad Apartment

    It is the owner's responsibility to have the premises in a habitable condition. If he doesn't, the renter can break de lease and sue for damages.
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    People Illegally Staying in my House

    There are several ways to evict them, all of them legal. For example, going to the "juez de los referimientos" (a judge for quick resolutions to an obviously illegal squatter situation). Of course, you'll need a lawyer for this.
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    Title Has More Surface Than Reality

    You can buy the property with the discount for the missing area and then evict whoever is encroaching on it and demolish whatever was built on it. The situation between the husband and the wife is irrelevant to you: you can evict whoever is on the property, no matter who he or she may be. I'm...
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    Title on House

    You can get title to a house built on somebody else's property with an authorization from the landowner. You'll need to have construction plans approved for the house, etc., for which you'll need to retain a lawyer.
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    Who Inherits The Debt of a Dead Person?

    Heirs are responsible for the debts of the estate (art. 870 of the Civil Code) except if they renounce the inheritance.
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    Pre-Marital Assets

    You should get a prenup. Dominican law on community property is truly ancient. It hasn't changed since the DR became independent in 1844. Community property not only includes everything the spouses acquire during marriage, but ALL MOVEABLE PROPERTY (stocks, bonds, money in the bank...
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    Problem With Our Property

    The DR land system is not ancient. It was established by the Americans during the 1916-1924 occupation, and updated in 1947 and 2005. It is based on the Torrens system, as invented and used in Australia.
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    Problem With Our Property

    The problem would have been avoided if a proper due diligence had been done, which includes having a surveyor check if the property's location coincides with the official cadastral plan. Some lawyers don't always tell their clients about this, and some clients think that the $250+ that the...
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    Problem With Our Property

    There are two ways of solving the problem: (a) correcting the mistake in the parcel numbers of the properties (time consuming), and (b) doing a "permuta" or exchange of properties, which will trigger transfer taxes but won't involve swapping checks.
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    The non-responsive associate is no longer in the firm.
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    Could you please e-mail me who was the lawyer that met with you in Santo Domingo and the date of the meeting. I'd appreciate it. My email address is I built Guzmán Ariza from a two-lawyer litigation boutique in San Francisco de Macorís into a 40+ lawyer all-purpose firm...
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    Annual Property Taxes

    Sorry... as amended by Law 288-04.
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    Annual Property Taxes

    The exemption applies only to a residential property inhabited by the owner.
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    Annual Property Taxes

    Article 2, Paragraph II, of Law 18-88, as amended by Law 288-01.
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    Annual Property Taxes

    The fact that your lot is unbuilt does not mean you are exempt from paying IPI. The only exemptions are: (a) farm properties; (b) homes whose owner is 65 years old or older, and has no other property in his or her name; and (c) properties owned by companies, which pay a separate tax on company...
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    Attorney Fee / Real Estate

    1 to 1.5% of purchase price with a minimum for low-price purchases.
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    Real Estate Law: Building by the Water

    This law is not new. The width of the maritime zone strip has been 60 meters since 1968. It was originally 5 meters (1920). was later increased to 20 meters (1957) and, as mentioned, was changed to 60 m in 1968.