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    how stable is the electricity in punta cana/bavaro?

    how stable is the electricity in punta cana/bavaro? are there areas where it is true 24/7 electricity? or is it like the rest of the island?
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    economic immigration

    we've been doing a bunch of family history research recently. its provoked some personal thoughts for me related to dominican economic immigration. one of my great grandfathers grew up in the isle of man, uk. his father died when he was ~5, and his mother wasn't able to keep him when she...
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    Perceived social levels

    Perceived social levels by poor dominicans: 1. Expats 2. Dominicans 3. Dom-yorks by wealthy dominicans: 1. Dominicans 2. Expats 3. Dom-yorks by expats: 1. Dominicans 2. Expats 3. Dom-yorks by dom yorks: 1. dom yorks 2. dominicans 3. expats very generalised i know. not intended...
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    world electricity rates

    DR is nowhere near the most expensive: denmark costs 3x the DR.
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    charter cities in haiti

    how about foreign run charter cities in haiti? The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ending Poverty - Magazine - The Atlantic its a long read but worthwhile.. comments?
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    829 SMS to the DR problem

    have any others had issues texting the DR? i'm finding sms from the US to the DR works fine for all numbers i've tried except one -- it starts out 1-829-642 i'm pretty sure i can text other 829 numbers fine; in this case verizon gives me an error and tells me its a landline (which it obviously...
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    Quality of Dominican health care

    A few years ago, Lambada wrote that it was a myth that "health care in the DR was primitive" link:Expat Focus - Debunking Seven Myths about Living in the Dominican Republic Yesterday she passed away. Per her partner Graham's comment...
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    red lights at night?

    i've been pulled over twice by AMET in the last 2 weeks while driving down maximo gomez after midnight. i didn't catch the reason the first time, but tonight the AMET guy told me I ran a red light. am i missing something? I don't run many red lights, but I will run some of them in extremely...
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    Who has happier relationships?

    a question for the forum.. who long term has happier relationships, the average white american couple, or the average dominican latino couple?
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    mmmm 21cm...

    ok, so women in the DR are broadcasting messages all over the place.. mmmm 21cm... mmm 15cm... etc.. they won't tell me what it is, but apparently they all know.. my guy friends here don't know. anyone have any idea?
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    household items shipping to NYC

    anyone know of reliable shippers for moving household items from Santo Domingo to the USA?
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    More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship

    More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship WASHINGTON ? Amid mounting frustration over taxation and banking problems, small but growing numbers of overseas Americans are taking the weighty step of renouncing their citizenship. ?What we have seen is a substantial change in mentality among...
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    internet voting for miss dominican republic

    according to wikipedia, eva arias won the "miss internet" voting for miss dominican republic, which was online voting for the winner: * Miss Internet (votaded by Miss Rep?blica Dominicana Universo 2009) - Eva Arias (Espaillat) SOURCE:
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    funny things a gringo can say to a dominicana

    here's two things which a gringo can say that will make a dominicana laugh: 1. tell her you're one of the 30 caballeros de santiago 2. in spanish this is really funny: gringo: tu quieres que te enseno ingles? ella: si claro! gringo: watagatapitusberry! most people here won't understand...
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    hola a todos

    i thought this was unusually honest! hola atodos como estan estoy aqui en busca de una persona madura que este dispuesta a benir asta santodomingo ha conocerme y que me ayude economica mente asi que ya sabes si eres la persona que busco si puedes dime . SI. bay beso Con?ceme en SEXY o NO? -...
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    Gas station tests

    in the spirit of the "exchange rate thread", where people compare exchange rates, i'd like to propose as a community we post findings on gas stations based around these two brilliant ideas: windeguy: Mocamike anyone interested? any ideas for...
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    Haiti - 250,000 people dead is a lie!

    I found this comment today on the Wall Street Journal by a guy named David Ziegelheim. "First, there is no credible report of fatalities in Haiti. If you actually read the reports, the numbers are all over the place. Except in other under developed countries competing for aid, the most...
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    chile earthquake

    did anyone feel it? i thought i felt a quake last night and got up and searched the web for earthquakes. i didn't find anything so i went back to bed. did anyone feel it?
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    How can Haiti develop?

    i spoke also with someone else with a lot of experience in PAP right now and they also confirmed its safe if you stay in the safe zones. question for anyone: i'm interested in trying to understand better what specifically is working in Haiti to develop the country. Given this graph, most NGO...