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    Lonely planet ranks the Dominican Republic in its top 10 destinations for 2013

    Dominican Republic among Lonely Planet's top 10 for 2013 Acira
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    Second opinion needed I would very much appreciate a second opinion on this matter by our 'in house' legal presence. Thank you and regards, Acira
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    New fashion, leaving dogs behind when moving?

    We have been looking for another long term rental for a while now and in 60 % when we visited the house, the current owner just said there would be a few dogs left behind or some were a bit more polite and asked if we would like to adopt their dogs. We have friends who moved recently to a house...
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    Dr. Raphael Castan saves lives by providing recycled pacemakers to patients in the DR

    Heart Care Dominicana implantar? gratuitamente marcapasos translator doesn't seem to work. If some body would be so kind to translate? This man deserves a lot of credit for his work! Acira for LaLouve and all the others with less then 500 posts ;)
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    Cute but Fierce to be pups looking for a nice home.

    Bad Ass Police Dog - YouTube! We have 9 of them laying here waiting for a nice home. At the moment (age two weeks) they can already jump a dinky toy :bunny: Acira
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    I need definitely practice more...

    Trick Shot Cage Match: Basketball V. Frisbee | ThePostGame
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    Excellent Pizza

    You can get an excellent pizza these day's at Calla Pizza located next to Carwash Max Wash in Sosua. Authentic thin crusted pizza's with fresh tomato sauce and delicious toppings. They also deliver at your 'door' : El Batey for free, Sea Horse Ranch 30 RDS$, Perla Marina Gate 40 RDS$ and El...
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    Indian night at El Kiosko

    Last evening was Indian cuisine night at El Kiosko bar/ restaurant. Only on reservation as it was for the birthday of Evelyn so they wanted to do something special for their regular customers. I do not really know the Indian cuisine because never got around to visit India and Belgium is not...
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    Belgian bakery now open!

    The Belgian bakery located next to Banco Popular in Cabarete has opened his doors today. We had our eyes already some time on it and today they opened so of course we had to see what they had. Everything you can find in a Belgian bakery : freshly baked loafs of good bread, brown and white, nice...
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    Judy's Pet Lodge?

    What happened to Judy's Pet Lodge? I have friends who had two puppies dumped in their garden, they took them in for the night but cannot keep them because they have already four dogs of their own. So they called Pet Lodge and got the answer that they are no longer a pet rescue center but are...
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    The Cove...a billion dollar busines in killing thousands of Dolphins every year

    Who hasn't grown up with the serie Flipper, apart from all who were born after the eighties? I did and I liked it, it was entertaining and it gave me my first real feeling about marine life. Later years I used to watch lots on National Geographic, most about sea life, later on on travels I used...
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    In search of excellent tailor/dress maker

    I have a long evening dress in silk that needs some repair work done to it. Maybe I am even considering to alter it from a long dress to a coctail dress. Either way, it has sentimental value to me and I want to be able to wear on some special occasion so I need to find some body who can work...
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    A very sad loss

    Yesterday we received the sad news that German Shepherd Argos has passed away. Argos was the compagnion of Molina Ramon and together they formed a great team. Molina Ramon is a firemen in Santo Domingo and is President of the group Busqueda Y Rescate Republica Dominicana and together with Argos...
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    Some half time entertainment at a NFL game

    After tough selection this team was voted for by the thousands of Atlanta Falcon's fans to give them some entertainment during half time. YouTube - Atlanta Falcons Jan 2nd, 2011 HALFTIME SHOW Enjoy! Acira
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    Anybody willing to take a dog on a flight to Brussels

    We need some body who is flying to Brussels from POP who is willing to escort a dog to Brussels. Paperwork, inoculations and necessary checks and payment for official papers to get the dog out of the country (signed by an authorized vet) will be all be in order and in place. The dog is crate...
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    Nicki Beach

    Went this afternoon to Nicki Beach in Cabarete for lunch. Service : 8/10 very professional and polite, slick and clean, knew their menu's and their coctails, know how to serve wine and food, can make good suggestions, very friendly, alway's attentive without being pushy. Surrounding : 9/10 ...
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    Security Issue with MSN and hotmail?

    I discovered three day's ago that apparently some body logs into my MSN life space from a different computer. As I am being thrown out on my laptop without warning, I get the following message : You cannot log in on this account from two different places at the same time. Please log out of...
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    Funny pics

    Yesterday in the chat we were talking about dogs and taking funny pictures of them. I promised some of the members I put some funny ones here of dogs and their handlers playing dogfrisbee. Where is my chair?? Oops sorry but ok yeah I am a female Yes I know, I have big ears and when...
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    Recipes needed for cooking with limes

    We have three trees with limes and two trees with a variety of oranges (taste between an orange and grapefruit, don't know the name of it). I make lime juice, lots of it, now the other ones are ripe I mix the juices and it taste very good. We use a lot of limes in our cooking also but...we...
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    As what would you like to return in another life

    As Budhists believe that they will be given a next chance in another live when they dye, their ultimate goal is to be re-incarnated into the most supreme being. In the mean time they live their live, careful not to step on anything alive because before achieving that ultimate goal, they have a...