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    Dominicans in San Ramon, California

    Hi. I need help. My daughter is relocating to California this month. The company is located in San Ramon. She is planning to stay a few days in a hotel. We need to know closest airport, how to look for apartments. If San Ramon's rent is too high, any town close by safe enough and if possible any...
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    Centro Cardiovascular Dominicano

    My mother was taken from Plaza de la Salud to Centro Cardiovascular Dominicano in an ambulance. I told my sister to take her to Plaza de la Salud in case of an emergency because I taught it was the best equipped hospital. My mother has a defribilator implanted, therefore she cannot be taken to...
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    How to get copy of a decreto.

    Hi. With all the changes in new cedulas and passport my sister cannot renew her passport. Dr. Balaguer signed a decreto in the 70s declaring us Dominicanos por Origen. My sister went to Banco Popular to renew her passport with her cedula. She was told you are not Dominican. She was sent to...
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    Anybody wants tea in SD?

    I have some tea for the taken. Somebdy ordered them but moved. I have no use for them. They are in the parte oriental but my sister can deliver if carfare is reimbursed to her and maybe gratification for her time. If you dare to pick it up it is free.
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    A little concerned

    When I signed in I read :You last visited yesterday at 09:28PM, but I was not near the computer at that time. Is somebody using my information to sign in? I am a little concerned.
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    Ants crawling out of a body

    Weird but true. My mother is 75 and she is at this moment in SD. She lives in Aruba with one of my sisters. She told my sister that ants are coming out of her body. My daughter did not want to tell her that it was impossible but did nothing about it. One day she called my sister and told her to...
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    Credit Corp Bank

    Is there a Credit Corp Bank in RD. If so, any one knows the phone number? What I really need is the ABA but it will be too much to ask. My nephew searched the yellow pages with no luck. Any help? Thank you.
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    Health question

    One of my nephews has some "nacios" all over his bud. My mother raised him and as a child he was always covered with them. My mother was putting lemon leaf (home remedy) on all of them and when they open she put pennicilin on them. Now as a man the problem came back. A few weeks ago all his arms...
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    Scholarship to study in the USA

    I heard about a feria where 600 students got selected to study abroad. Any body knows where can I find the information, the requirements etc.? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Armed security guard in SD

    Can anymore recommend me a company that can serve in the parte oriental for a week or less? We have a big problem with our mother's house. Trying to evict somebody leasing the first floor (it is bakery) and it is taking so long. We fixed the second floor to sell the house after the eviction. The...
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    Uniforms (nurses)

    Do the nurses in DR wear the muticolor uniform as The States? I asked a few persons but they do not know what I am talking about? I told them nurses here have prints as animals on their uniforms. A nurse wants to give me her used uniforms to be taken to DR but I told her, first I have to find...
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    Selling used books in SD

    Is there a store that buy used reading books in SD? Any suggestions? A friend brings books in every trip, some used, some new. She likes to read. My sister asked her what to do with the books. She told her to try to sell them and keep the money. Thank you.
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    What is empeine in English? I just want to look up for the medication in the internet. I have different medications in my closet but do not know the correct one to use. Thank you for the help.
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    Drug punto in my mother's empty house

    My mother has a 2 floor house in a poor neighborhood. First floor is a bakery. We are waiting for the sentencia to evict the tenant. He is befriended with the drug dealers and stopped paying rent. Second floor was empty. We made repairs to sell the house but the same drug dealers ripped all the...
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    Somebody broke into my mother's house. The house is empty, for sale and in a very bad neighborhood. Drug is being sold in front of the house. We put in new windows and the ladron was trying to remove them. A neighbor heard the noise and called the police. He was caught in action. They gave him...
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    My first officially job was at "El Registro Electoral". The manager's nickname was "Caballero" because he was a gentleman. One day a teenager came to the office asking for "Buen Hombre". Nobody knew who "Buen Hombre" was until the manager asked her who sent her. The girl said , my father is...
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    Dominicans in Greensboro, NC

    This message is for anybody that can help me. My daughter needs a 6 months lease affordable room or apartment. Any Dominican in that area? She is going to graduate in Dec. at NC A&T State University. She wants it close to school because she doesnot have a car. Please, let me know if you know...
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    Looking for the "Yunque" family in San Cristobal

    Hi. I am new. I need help. I have been several times to DR to locate my daughter's father. His name is Edward or Eddie Yunque or De La Cruz. His family is from San Cristobal. He has twins named Bianca and Dianca, they must be around 27 years old. Their mother Raquel Matos gave me his family...