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    Cancelling a Edenorte contract

    I had an empty apartment that had been sold that had an Edenorte electrical contract in my name. I decided to cancel the contract and get my deposit back. I went in Tuesday and had to sign a ?reclamaci?n? form. I was told they would send some one to read the meter and after I paid the...
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    Only in the Dominican Republic!

    They opened a new childrens playground in Consuelo this past week. The towns "syndicate" used government money to build it. Now they want to charge 50 pesos for each child to use the park for 1 week. So each week the parents have to pay for their children to use the playground. Needless to say...
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    Mafia Letter to Santa

    A mafioso's son sits at his desk writing a Christmas list to Jesus. He first writes, "Dear baby Jesus, I have been a good boy the whole year, so I want a new..." He looks at it, then crumples it up into a ball and throws it away. He gets out a new piece of paper and writes again, "Dear baby...