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    Puerto Plata Streets map

    Hi, dr1 community! Does anyone knows if there is a new updated streets map of Puerto Plata. I have not been able to find a detail one, most just have the basic or major streets. Please let me know Thank You:tired:
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    Looking for real state Appraiser in north coast

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know a good appraiser in the north coast, Sosua, Cabarete area? I need a second opinion an a real state. Preferably that could do the appraisal in English. Thanks
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    Are The Jobs of Females Sankies

    Hi I searched the Females Snakiest Thread and I couldn?t find anything about the types of jobs they do? Do they work and kind of work do they do? Because to my understanding they have a more normal live than Prostitutes? If anyone could direct me to the right thread please or knows more about...
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    Forensic signatures expert?

    Hi all, Does any one know a forensic signatures expert in the North Region? Any idea how much they charge for the services? Thank You:bunny:
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    The most corrupted countries of Latin America

    I was reading an article about the most corrupted countries in Latin America. I was surprise to find out that Dominican Republic was not number one. Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador are the most corrupted countries in Latin America. Dominican Republic is on the bottom of the list with a low score...
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    Forensic Science Department

    Hi everyone, Does DR have a Forensic Science department? How do they resolve a homicide over there? Do they have undercover investigators? For what I seen it doesn’t look like they do. I know that in the small towns they don’t have anything like that, and in most cases there is no...
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    Sosua Street Map

    Where can I get a Street Map of Sosua showing hotels, restaurant and other local attractions?
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    Looking For A Photograher???

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a Photograher to take some aerial pictures of a house in Sosua. Does anyone know how much it cost? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank You:bunny: