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    Cangrejos Bridge Has New Damage

    that long they need prestresesed cable in side of them that could be a problem getting the machine up here
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    Bird Watching in Puerto Plata and North Coast

    a local guy told me a couple years ago that the guys or people here would capture the wild birds and sell them to forigners thats why not many left now he said when he was young thats what you do to make some money thast why not many left hes like 50 so i guess he knows
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    to guy 4 months is not long term now 1 or2 years is long term i rented last year in puerto plata 2 bed room 1 bath everthing included for 14000 peso per month for 1 or 2 years
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    happy medium with Inverter Air Conditioners

    all you rich people with ac units i dont have one here and dont need one in the good ol usa 77 degrees is co;d for me 80 is just about right fan for a few hours at night
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    Update since I know you have all been anxiously waiting

    probably he seen a attorney and fond out he was going to be broke and second thoughts about that wife gets it all most of the time married 29 years wow he will be broke
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    Getting Information

    everybody has there own opinion about where to live .. just come and look around you know what you want and need nobody else knows what you want by asking questions you will get 10000 different replys
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    Getting Information

    the only smart thing you have said in many posts
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    New Moderator

    you would be good moderator
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    Plane crash in Puerto Plata

    yeah i couldnt spell that word haha
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    Multi-vehicle accident in Los Cacaos, San Cristobal

    heated brakes not accutally no brakes on 1 or more wheels or out of adjustment meas heated brakes in one or two tries to stop and driving to fast
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    What works best when trying to talk with a Latina

    start by how many thousand do you need then go from there
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    Plane crash in Puerto Plata

    in the army we alwasys traind in a helicopter to land with out engine power we could land if we knew what the heck we were doing that said some kind of failure in flight controls dont have to many hours in fixed wing but lots hours in rotor wing
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    Best options for purchasing a vehicle (used and new)

    many peoplelive in the barrio the cars may not be theirs some are family living out of the dom rep and buy the car for when they are here and then the family uese the car and other ones are bought by the boyfriends or girlfriend ofthe dominicans so chapy sangy haha
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    Santo Domingo East says city sidewalks are for pedestrians, not merchants

    they tried to run the girls off in puerto plata streets selling avocados but still there some times traffic jam people just stop and take foreever buying the wares
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    Looking for a Japanese pasola

    tvs is made in india
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    Looking for a Japanese pasola

    get a tvs wego 110 cc all metal body i have a 2015 only thing i put on new is battery and one tire and 2 spark plugs plus change the oil 1000 km it has 36000 km on it runs like new
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    Port Authority director says DR will be a cruise and logistics destination

    its summer months they go elsewhere for the summer then back to the dr in winter
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    Fritos - Where are they sold.

    all the time 10 pesos at the colmados in puerto plata little bitty
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    US Fed hikes to affect DR

    i got 54.90 today
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    Rio San Juan or Cabrera - any stay at the old castle ( El Castillo Tropical)

    you always say the right things i enjoy your talk