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  1. HarpB

    Norwegian Escape gets stuck leaving Puerto Plata; Cruise Fever report says ship returns to port

    Hi, some good questions above. However be reminded a brief on the bridge is done well before a pilot boards, The factors and mistakes are always thoroughly investigated. The Captain is responsible period. Weather is always part of the briefs. I do not comment much on this site. Most of...
  2. HarpB

    Brawl at Miami airport due to flight to Santo Domingo

    Who left you in MIA? That is not PSTD. That is called poor planning. If traveling normally you need a contingency especially gaining or coming internationally.
  3. HarpB

    Shipping companies in Haiti?

    Hi Normally 15% tax for imports plus a broker fee for clearance. Plus only certain individuals can enter. Plus charges if stored and not cleared. Which happens.
  4. HarpB

    Shipping companies in Haiti?

    Hi Antillean out of Miami weekly shipping (ship) to Cap. Clearance from the port is. Costly, time consuming and painful. Port Agent very helpful. Tell hm Bill gave you his name. Good luck
  5. HarpB

    Any bus options to - from SDQ or is it still only taxi or Uber ? I know about the Guaga but that is brutal.

    Hi Or make a few friends in your travels and get picked up. Or pay the price and offer another tourist a ride.
  6. HarpB

    Tourism October 27, 2021 | 4:35 pm Arrival of tourists to the Domnican Republic in October exceeds prepandemic figures by 15%

    Hi, I would like to see the numbers on this one. Pre-pandemic over 7.5 million tourists 2019? I never have faith in these claims.
  7. HarpB

    The high cost of sending children back to school

    Hi, I als manage a school in Haiti. Run thru a NGO. But maintained and paid for by my company. Four hundred kids in Labadee. We had to put them in a local school in Cap due to the pandemic. The biggest shock was the food offering 2 meals a day locally is 6x more expensive then when our...
  8. HarpB

    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    Well I believe mentioned earlier if you arrive 2 hours in advance and have an issue. No internet or phone you could easily fix the problem at POP airport. The guys at the cigar shop would lend a phone for small fee. The take a photo of the code and return. It will be in the migration system...
  9. HarpB

    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    Hi, Or fill it in a week before. It is easy. And yes once in awhile does not work for various reasons. Keep the code. Or start over.
  10. HarpB

    Anciano gringo 1 - Ladrone muchacho 0

    Hi, I am also an avid walker in from Sosua Abajo to town then a couple circuits back usually thru the beach. With the new sidewalks above the beach pretty pleasant. In my case I start the walk by placing a rock in my pocket each time. Never been threatened here but learned the trick in St...
  11. HarpB

    Tragic accident on Samana highway

    Condition and others
  12. HarpB

    Tragic accident on Samana highway

    Hi The road is good. Have driven it many times. All about speed and condit
  13. HarpB

    e ticket assistance

  14. HarpB

    e ticket assistance

    Not acceted at what step?
  15. HarpB

    e ticket assistance

    Hi if on an ipad clear the history and start over
  16. HarpB

    Police Killed and stations over run

    Hi, I have been in CAP about to head out on vacation. Actually work In Labadee. In CAP currently Business as usual almost pre-pandemic. Fuel has been an issue in town due to the turmoil in PAP. I have been told By my colleagues in PAP yesterday was very rough. Beside the violence much...
  17. HarpB

    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    Just fill it out less 5 minutes. And who cares what your asked or others are doing.
  18. HarpB

    Panoramic View of Puerto Plata in 1977

    Not the best comparison photos.
  19. HarpB

    New entry procedures

    Hi, showed my QR code at POP. Showed agent said ok. Showed immigration ok, paid overstay ok, stamped and gone 3 minutes. So as usual experiences are different on different days, airports and who you interact with, For me same immigration officer 3 times a year always with overstay and...
  20. HarpB

    New entry procedures

    Hi been thru POP multiple times no issue. Before it was official in and out. When official and changing days and flights using an iphone and ipad. A couple glitches in drop down menus as noted by many. Take a picture of the code or just start over if there is an issue. I also cleared history...