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  1. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    You welcome if you wanna talk to the owner my uncle let me know i get you the number but he don speak english 😅
  2. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    You funny
  3. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    Hey dude the one for my father is another one close to that too , but is just land dont have , productions threes like this one , how ever why i feel like you specify like pretending that im lying or something else ? I mean no puede negar que eres un dominicano demagogo osea let me be im just...
  4. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    Depends if u dont know nothing about it undestood , but if you are a country man is wonderfull i mean that what i think , how ever im just making a favor to my uncle to posted in here , because he have another one that he likes more that why he selling
  5. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    Sorry dude i just post the pictures , the land belongs to my uncle but i remember he told me is more that 70 tareas the all land he asking for $28million negociable DOP
  6. Johanvillar1

    finca for sale

    hi there , my uncle selling hes finca with water , and productions of mangoes , avocates , limes , etc and such more , very big piece of land in LA MONTERIA BANI, RD ,more info please contact me thanks
  7. Johanvillar1

    Business oportunity

    Yes , the only family is my brother and me that it
  8. Johanvillar1

    Business oportunity

    Hi there i can email you proof the land was belong to my father he pass away , but i got all my documents that land belong to him and im only me and my brother the owner but my brother live in spain but yes
  9. Johanvillar1

    Protection from Land Invasion

    That its because your have it on a turist aerea
  10. Johanvillar1

    Business oportunity

    Hi im johan , im a local from santo domingo , i have a big portion of land on bani , dominican republic , good location high on the mountains , its like 1hr drive from santo domingo , im open to business to rent a peace of land for what ever you want , or share profit , if you like farming or do...
  11. Johanvillar1

    Crypto Mining

    Hey buddy im a local from santo domingo and i got some big land on the country side in BANI, dominican republic , good location high in the mountain , ist a lot of land , im looking to rent it or parthert with somebody and thats sound good panels for electricity and mining feel free to reach me out
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    DR1's Free Swap Meet

  13. Johanvillar1

    PCR Test

    Post details.
  14. Johanvillar1

    Rapid Covid Test - El Conde

    Hey yes at the airport and so many places arround you good
  15. Johanvillar1


    Hi there we sold rooms forniture bed , couch and much more , good wood work , straight from the manufacter to you , also we provide transportation
  16. Johanvillar1

    Bored in santo domingo ?

    Brugal extraviejo with motts and lime 😅
  17. Johanvillar1

    Interested in farming ?

    hi y’all im johan i got a 70 acres of land in bani nice area to do farming i got the land we can talk and get a agreement to rent you the land and you grow what ever u like , more info dm me for pictures thanks in advance
  18. Johanvillar1

    Bored in santo domingo ?

    sup people im a cool dominican young boy rise in ny here to meet friends and built relationship and more , if you new in DR in santo domingo area hit me up , got my ride i show you the nigth life here with safety first , have a bless and amazing day
  19. Johanvillar1

    Hotel near Las Americas airport

    Hey buddy thats the safested place and nearby bro
  20. Johanvillar1

    Rural Land in Bani Area

    Hi there i got a land on bani dominicsn republic currently dont doing nothing , only interested people i can rent you a piece of land , 5 minutes away from bani donwtown dm me for pictures and talk about it thanks