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    Short stories by Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez -Online reading

    Gu?a Literaria: 27 Cuentos de Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez para leer online Buena oportunidad para practicar la lectura.
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    Pel?cula dominicana estrenada en Canad?

    “Cristo Rey” hoy se verá en Toronto -
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    Back in the forum

    Hola a todos! Here I am again, this time reporting directly from the DR -I moved here last September.
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    A grammatical pill

    Here is an error I have noticed in the “a conversar” thread. Not all nouns ending in a are feminine; for the most part they are, but there is a handful of them which are not. Here are some of them, add yours. el d?a, el programa el dilema el mapa el tema el problema
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    A new word learned today.

    I was on the phone today with a sister of mine who lives in Barcelona. Talking about how this guy treats a certain person, she said: Le gusta ningunearla. What did you say? I asked. I had never heard such a word, but guessed that it comes from ninguno/a (nobody). I looked it up and lo and...
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    New Spelling

    For those of you that read Spanish, go to: Castellano - La P?gina del Idioma Espa?ol = El Castellano - Etimolog?a - Lengua espa?ola If you don't read Spanish: Ch and ll will lose their place in the alphabet. Y (I griega) will now be known as ye. quorum will be spelled: cuorum Qu?sares...
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    readplease -free software

    It reads whatever text you type, paste, etc. in few different languages. ReadPlease - Home - Text-to-speech software that lets your computer talk - *HG* Click on "download" then click on: •Other Languages (French, Spanish etc.) for ReadPlease 2003 - Free Voice Downloads...
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    Forum Reading -history, short stories

    The moderator sugggested we have two threads. So, let's go back to our reading in history. La Repblica Dominicana: Indice Kip, where are you at?
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    Forum Reading -short articles

    El miedo se generaliza - Hoy Digital
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    Forum reading

    Chip's thread "recommend good books" gave me this idea. Could we all read the same book and discuss it here as we go along? We could all read La Fiesta del Chivo (Vargas Llosa) and discuss vocabulary, sentence structure, historical content, facts, etc. We could select a number of pages to read...
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    Great news for Haiti!

    Hait? recibir? fondos por una nueva ley en Suiza - List?n Diario Digital A new law in Switzerland will make possible the returning of funds to Haiti.
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    Verb "vehicular"

    Here to help and learn, Norma
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    Juan Luis Guerra,40606,html
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    Easter: Habichuelas con dulce

    Speaking of the Holy Week, did any of you eat habichuelas con dulce in the DR? Did you like them? Why do we eat sweet beans during the Easter season? (Believe me, I don't have the answer.)
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    Here is a great link for those interested in Dominican terminology and are able to read in Spanish. Look for the word ?o?a, which is being discussed in another thread. The word tiguere has come up few times in different posts. Norma
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    Dominican Xmas celebrations/food

    This must be the time of the year we Dominicans love the most. How do we celebrate? What do we eat, drink? Living in the US, one thing I miss is the puerco asado.
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    Xmas terms/expressions heard in the DR

    I wonder how long a list we could generate. 1. ?Felices pascuas! (Feliz Pascua)
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    Out of Obama's campaign

    A neologism has emerged out of Obama's campaign: Ob?manos. The word seems to have been concocted from Obama + v?monos and translates as "Let's go Obama." Norma
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    Nuts & Dried Fruits

    Nuts (nueces) 1. cashew (anacardo/mara??n/semilla de cajuil in the DR) 2. peanut (cacahuate/ man?) 3. walnut (nuez) 4. hazelnut (avellana) 5. almond (almendra) 6. chestnut (casta?a) Dried Fruits (frutas secas) 1. fig (higo) 2. prune (ciruela pasa) 3. date (d?til) 4. raisin (pasa)
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    Someone asked in another thread: "How do you say cranberry?" Berries: 1. gooseberries (grocella) 2. blackberries ( mora/zarzamora) 3. cranberries (ar?ndano agrio) 4. blueberries (ar?ndano azul) 5. strawberry (fresa) 6. raspberries (frambuesa)