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    Leones del Escogido campeones temporada 2015-2016

    Santo Domingo RD.- La corona es de los Leones del Escogido. Leury Garc?a remolc? dos carreras y los escarlatas vencieron este martes 8-4 a los Tigres del Licey en la Serie Final por vez primera desde la temporada 1989-90.Fue la corona n?mero 16 de los Leones y tercera ante los azules en choques...
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    Different Couriers / Forwarding Companies

    Here is a list of all the couriers available in the country with the rates, location, and contact info: BM CARGO Main Office: Ave. Abraham Lincoln No. 1009, casi esq. Gustavo Mej?a Ricart, Santo Domingo, D.N. Phone #: (809) 683-1919 Website: Rate: RD$146 Branches...
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    Fowarding Companies/Courriers Sticky

    It's a common question in the forum, and usually you see a post every week related to it. Why not create a Sticky with Courriers Available with their rates and location.
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    Thanksgiving in DR

    Resident or not. How will you guys spend your Thanksgiving? Are you having your Thanksgiving in DR or in the States?
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    Colonial Fest 2015 - This Weekend

    Colonial Fest 2015 Detalles del Festival Fechas: 20, 21 y 22 de noviembre 2015 Horario: A partir de las 10 de la ma?ana hasta las 1 de la madrugada Lugar: Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo, Rep?blica Dominicana Lugares de Eventos: Calle Las Damas, Plaza Espa?a, Fortaleza Ozama, entre otros...
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    Credit Card Frauds and Results.

    I've read a lot in the forum, of people that are often scared of using their Credit Card here, my question is: Have you ever being involved in a Credit Card Fraud, and what the outcome of it?
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    anyone know Pierre Jean and C?lia in Las Terrenas?

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning on renting something in AirBnB the owners are Pierre Jean and Celia, I'm trying to contact them, but they won't answer back. Anybody knows them? or could help me contact them? Thank you.
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    Welcome, 'Back to the Future' Day

    In "Back to the Future Part II," Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in "Back to the Future's" 1985.
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    AD. 6055 Selling iPhone 5S 16GB White Factory Unlocked

    Hi Everyone, AD# 6055 I'm selling my iPhone 5S Color: White Capacity: 16gb Conditions: 10/10 + Screen Protector Includes: Factory Accesories (Charger and Headphones unused) Otter Box Cover...
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    Selling Phone

    I would like to sell my phone, do I have to place it on the Classifieds section to then post it in the forum?
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    Several Samana Questions

    Hi everyone, for the next 24 of September, me and my girlfriend are planning on going to Samana for 4 days (thurs to Sun), there is some things I would like to know. I went once to Cayo Levantado, we paid a boat and were dropped in the island, we took our own food, but I don't remember how much...
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    Hoyo Azul and Zip Line

    Hi Everyone, Me and my girlfriend want to go to Hoyo Azul and also do the Zip Line, any advice on the cost, directions, and what to be careful with. We are leaving from Santo Domingo, and planning on going in my own car. Thanks in advance
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    AD - Looking for Quality Assurance PM

    AD Number: 6029 - Posted on: Aug 4, 2015 Expires on: Sept 4, 2015 Looking for Quality Assurance PM Hi, We are looking for QA PM to start right away! As a QA PM, you will be leading the efforts of the QA Team to ensure the product is ready to go to production without any defects. Requirements...
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    Boca Chica Food Festival

    Hi everyone, Couple of friends are organizing a Food Festival in Boca Chica, but not like Feria del Marisco, but something were people from different country would like to cook and people taste their food. Festival is planned to be in August. All DR1 invited, if you would like to participate...
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    Planning on going on January

    Hi all! I currently live in Boca Chica, but I'm planning on going to Punta Cana for a couple of days, any ideas of places I should visit, I've read about Hoyo Azul, any other recommendation, if the place you recommend has a entrance fee, will be greatly appreciated if posted here! Thanks in...
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    Google Flights

    So Google launched their Tickets service, I've purchased a ticket and was cheaper than Kayak and Expedia, saved around 60 USD. Feel free to try it.
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    Developing a Primary School for Kids

    Hi everyone! First, the charity is being run by my girlfriend, as her partner, I'm just helping her having success. I sometimes found amazing her way of involving in helping others, and mostly in our country, since if you don't have a big event or nice sponsors with people from TV is really...
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    New Member!

    Hi everyone! I've been reading Dr1 for looong time, but I recently decided to join! Currently live in Boca Chica, but travel all around the island! I'm a Web Developer(* hit me up with your ideas and I'll give you a nice price for being from DR1* ;) and currently work as a Project Manager...