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    Legalization of University documents

    I have been trying to get a degree legalized for almost 4 months. I have finally received the (numero de oficio) and proceeded to the Ministry to pay for it. At first I was given a price of $795.00 pesos which was what everyone was paying. However, when it was my turn I was told that it would be...
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    where can I find?

    Is there a Sears in Santo Domingo? Can anyone tell me where I can find craftman tools?
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    Bauxite or Aluminum?

    I would like to know if there is a bauxite industry in the Dr and if so, if there is an aluminum foundry, producing by-products. I am interested in acquiring hurricane shutters made of good aluminum and with a decorated finish for a caribbean market. I am also considering shutters made of other...
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    Those Mangoes!

    I had posted a question asking about the export of dominican produce and now lo and behold someone is exporting 5 tons of manogos per shipment! Wow! I need to know if I need an export licence, because I do have a market for those mangoes! etc. :glasses: