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    Accounting Administration A/R

    We are looking for experienced English speaking accounting / bookkeeping / administration people - must speak excellent English and have accounting / Accounts Receivable experience. You must have your cedula! We are hiring immediately for several positions. Salary is competitive and we offer...
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    Technical Recruiters

    We are currently interviewing and hiring technical recruiters. You must speak excellent English, work with computers, have a great attitude, be forward thinking and available immediately. We are NOT a call center. You will be offered a competitive salary, good benefits and working...
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    I need a DJ

    We need a DJ for a company Christmas party. This person has to be able to play local music as well as good old North American music! We are in Puerto Plata. Any ideas?
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    Dance clubs in the DR

    I am not an authority - but I would like to become one - on the best dance clubs. Saw this article and Guacara Taina, Santo Dominigo, come in at #5 in the world: " Guacara Taina occupies the fifth position in the list of the most popular nightclubs in the world. Located in Santo Domingo in...
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    Accounting Clerk

    Immediate opening for an experienced accounting clerk in a Puerto Plata office. Bookkeeping / accounting background and education required along with good computer skills. Experience with Quick Books is a bonus! MUST speak fluent English - English as a first language is preferred. Able to...
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    Internal Recruiters Needed

    An International Recruiting Company seeks personable, professional candidates to fill several upcoming positions. This is a growing company that has found success here. Expansion from 12 recruiters to a possible 100 recruiters will take place over the next 18 months. Full training is provided...
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    Employment in Free Trade Zone

    I have been told by several people that the 80 / 20 hiring rules do not apply the same for a company located in a Zona Franca. Does anyone know the rules or where to find them? I've looked at the labor code and there is nothing there.
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    Law firm with offices around the country is looking for up to 3 paralegals to assist the current and new lawyers. Salary is commensurate with skills, experience and language abilities. Please send resume to my email.
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    Relationships for Women 101

    After passing this by Anna (our moderator) I am going to break this long post down into 3 parts!!!! IF you are new to this forum please read this. IF you have a new relationship please read this. OR if it applies to someone you know - have them read it..... Relationships in the Dominican...
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    UNO - United Nearshore Operations

    A friend has asked about this company in Santiago. I know nothing about them. Anyone have any information, what kind of company are they? Where are they located? Anyone work there?
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    Baseball equiprment request

    In the area I live in we have 2 fields that the local kids use to host baseball games. They are pickup games and these kids have a great time. Unfortunately they have almost no equipment! Who is coming down soon and would like to help us out??? Please bring us the gear your own kids...
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    Dying in the DR

    What happens when a foreigner dies here? Due to the serious illness of a friend recently I was forced into doing some research. Here is what I found out: If a patient dies at home: Call the police. Immediately. Don?t wait regardless of the time. They will contact a doctor and do the...
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    Avocado Farms

    I have a friend looking for Avocado Farms, I did a search and found a very old thread so decided to start a new one. What part of the country are the farms in? As I don't like avocados I've never paid any attention - do they have a "season" of availability? Thanks for the help - in advance.
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    Domestic Abuse

    While this is not an issue solely about the Dominican Republic, I felt it was necessary to write this. Women come to this country and fall in love with dominican men. I don't want to get into whether it is real, or sankied or the reasons, suffice it to say it happens constantly. Because of...
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    Satellite Installation - Photos

    Sky Satellite was at our building yesterday to install for one of our neighbours. We were amazed at how the fellow got up on the roof - and were a little concerned about how he would get back down..... Here are the photos....
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    Project names - request

    I have been asked by a client to create a thread for them. They are looking to develope a real estate project and are thinking of names. The project they are planning will be higher end, villas, condos, boutiques, golf course etc..... What do you think it should be called???
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    Fitness studio - Puerto Plata

    We have a new Fitness Studio in Puerto Plata. Total Training Fitness Studio offers a variety of programs - including Fitness training, Personal Trainers, yoga and (for me) dance workout classes. I will have the full schedule tomorrow but can tell you now that the Dance workout classes are...
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    SKY Dominicana

    Anyone heard or know more about this company? Apparently they provide and install small satellite dishes and then charge around 800 RD monthly for 2 TV connections. They are supposed to get 200 channels and are not overly effected by cloudy weather. I am told htey will be installing in...
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    Medical clinics and Insurance

    I have been sick for about 2 weeks now and ended up in the clinic for a few days. It was quite the experience! The clinic is a good one here in Puerto Plata but it seems all of them, including this one, run a similar scam. First of all they NEVER have the room level that your insurance pays...
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    Real Estate Agent Association

    My associate needs the phone number for the Dominican Association of Real Estate Agents. OR in spanish Asociacion Dominicana de Agentes Inmobilarios. I have looked everywhere I can think of..... Thanks in advance.