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    Jenny Familiar

    I am having trouble contacting Ms jenny Familiar lawyer in Cabarete. is she on vacation / office closed etc?? thanks
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    Custom bikes made? Constructed in the dr

    i was the OP for a thread about importing my custom bike. After reading the responses maybe its best just to have one made down here in the dr. What i want is the classic chopper look, low seat, fat tires maybe a trike. have a look at this link and look under chopper trike (theres a red colored...
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    shipping luxury motorbike to DR; TAXES ; COSTS ETC

    Hi im thinking of shipping my motorbike (which would be classed as a luxury item) from the US to my residence in the DR. Its value is $15000.00us I have permanent residency? Has anyone done this? if i have all documents to prove its value will that be of assistance, potentially freeing me from...
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    Dr julio brea and Senor ventura the surveyor contact cell numbers

    Hi im dealing with these two people and for the life of me i can not locate their cell numbers. please pm me if you can assist it is urgent thanks
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    Advice needed; Sabaneta (la boca), La Roka (near costambar POP), Projecto Abita

    To those that are in the know i ask the following. I should add that i am one of those hit with the Anoeca problem Anoeca has properties available in the following areas that may go someway towards paying of his debt to his investors My questions; are there any land squabbles currently going...
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    Hi i have been coming and going from the DR for years .... but there was one thing i never held much interest for and that was dancing (bachata / meringue) I went dancing on my last visit and loved it..... So can anone recommend any places to go in the caberete area/sosua/east of cabarete. The...
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    what is the actual process to by a (peso) CD???

    Hi, ive read loads of posts about bank CD (peso) and would like to ask you the following questions; ill premise what im about to ask by saying i have DR residency, own a home in the DR and intend to live in the DR what is the process involved to buy bank CD's in peso at 15-16% approx. I...
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    car storage

    Hi i heard years ago that there was a place on the north coast that i could pay to mind/store my jeep whilst i was away. anyone know about this service cost per year/ month?? thanks
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    Mass found in my friends breast

    Goodmorning, this is my second post about this matter with a slightly different focus. My friend is Dominican, 38 years of age and a mass has been located in her breast (nodular). She is hoping to seek a second opinion but she states these specialists are very expensive. i think she does not...
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    Living costs-single guy

    There have been a few posts of late that speak of living costs. I recollect that they are to do with costings on a 'family' basis These are my basic costs in US dollars rent; i own my home water; i have tanks that hold rain water and i never need to buy electricity; $120month food (groceries)...
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    Where is 'la playita' bar restaurant bungalow ; David et Aurelie

    I went to a beach east of cabarete years ago. These are the only details i have 'la playita' bar restaurant bungalow ; David et Aurelie I went to a beach east of cabarete years ago. It may have been 1 hour from cabarete or more. Can anyone supply contact details emails etcetera. How i can get...
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    Breast nodule

    Please can someone help A friend of mine female has been diagnosed with a breast nodule. She says it isn't cancerous, but she says she needs an operation. For the record she has not asked me for money to pay for it. Can someone tell me ( i assume to have the nodule removed) what would an...
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    contact details Ms Jenny Familia ABOGADO/LAWYER in Cabarete

    Hi does anyone have the contact details for Ms Jenny Familia ABOGADO/LAWYER in Cabarete. i think she changed offices and numbers thanks
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    what to do

    Here is a scenario that may come my way; i fall in love, i tell the love of my life that i want a prenuptual agreement to protect my house/money etc etc girlfriend says; no i dont want a prenuptual agreement what legal things can i do now to protect my house (set up a trust, have a trust in...
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    Banker Trust- sosua

    Hi i have heard of a company in Sosua called banker Trust. They offer 15% on US dollars. has anyone used this company? Are they reliable in the sense that when you want your money returned at the end of term, do they return it with out any problems? If you prefer to PM me please do
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    citizenship-passport cost

    Bearing in mind i have a oermanent residenct card.......... what is the cost to obtain a PASSPORT I was told $4000.00us recently... that is really high!
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    if i had a Dominican passport...

    if i had a dominican passport would it sheild me from taxation by my country of origin. This is a general question as i am aware you may not know what my country?s tax laws are. In general though, if i had a DR passport and investments here in the DR could i technically say to my country of...
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    cabarete harrassment

    These are my personal thoughts. Everytime i walk down the main road of Cabarete i am bothered continuously by people selling all manner of crap and sh!tty art. If i am thinking about something, which is often, i can now guarantee that someone will go out of their way to REPEATEDLY try to get...
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    inverter cost and where to buy

    hi i have a budget of $1600us i require an invertor. to run a refridgerator,tv, 5 lights, 3 fans and computer can you recommend a brand including the batteries in todays prices please and an actual address/where to buy (if you can) i have checked this site's search area but im looking for up...
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    lost cedula... help wjhat to do ???

    Hi i lost my cedula in my country. i am going to santo domingo tomorrow to receive my permananent residency card. please can someone tell me the steps. Should i make a police report in sosua today that i have lost my cedula and take that report to SD. i understand i should have my permanent...