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    Where to print photos to poster/canvas?

    Thank you all. I'm trying to get more information from Masterprint and Printeria. On their homepages they don't mention this kind of work. Does anybody have a homepage or email for the place in Sosua? Best regards Tibu
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    Where to print photos to poster/canvas?

    Hello all, I would like to decorate my house with some of my own pictures. Are there any print services which offer to print photos to poster/canvas in the DR? Thank you Tibu
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    Where to buy antidecubitus mattress?

    Thank you all for your input (I actually ment the inflatable pads). Will have a look...
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    Where to buy antidecubitus mattress?

    Hi all, a friend of mine is in very bad condition. He hasn't been out of bed for months (except when I brought him to the hospital). I will be in SD on Monday and would like to buy a antidecubitus mattress. Any hints where I could find such a thing? Best regards Tibu
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    Getting items out of Caucedo port?

    Any suggestions of a dominican forwarder? It seems that there are some people around who know the answers, which would be more helpful than telling me what can go wrong...
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    Getting items out of Caucedo port?

    Hola Rubio, thank you for your input. Any suggestions of a dominican forwarder or where (keywords) to find one? Best regards Tibu
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    Getting items out of Caucedo port?

    Hi, well, it's about 12x2 ft, 200 kg and anyway above the tax free limit. What would be the difference if it is coming through the US instead of directly to the DR? Wouldn't it then be taxed in US (and maybe in DR)? Best regards Tibu
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    Getting items out of Caucedo port?

    Hi all, we plan to import a pool window from China. The company can ship it to DR/Caucedo port. Is there anything we shoult consider before we order it (to facilitate the import process)? Do you need an address where you can receive the original shipping documents by normal mail? What is the...
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    Mail from Ministry of Tourism

    My question was about something else. Get vaccinated!
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    Mail from Ministry of Tourism

    Hi all, I traveled to the DR in August and October. Yesterday I received this mail: Hi, Thank you for traveling to the Dominican Republic! We are glad you chose this amazing country for your stay. We want to make the most of this contact to let you know that currently it is not necessary to...
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    Prancing Jackass in Las Galeras

    I was just going to suggest the same. The management might read it here, but they will read it in the mentioned places.
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    Border crossings open?

    Hi all, is the border in Jimani open for vehicles (in the light of a possible humanitarian response after todays earthquake)? Thank you Tibu
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    Brugal Unico anywhere available?

    Hi all, any idea where I might be able to buy a bottle of Brugal Unico in the DR? Thanks Tibu
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    How to enforce severance pay

    Hi all, I still own a house in the DR together with my ex-wife. We both live abroard. During her recent trip she kicked out the guy taking care of our house and placed somebody else there against my will. Apart from the other problems related to this I would like to help the man to make her...
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    Looking for Ana Gabriel Tickets...

    "Tickets are being raffled on radio programs" ...and I was so excited to be in the DR just around this weekend. :-( If you happen to win some and don't want to go, I would be happy to take them. ;-) Tibu
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    Earthquake help: Traveling from DR to Haiti - special rules?

    Hi all, I am trying to organize transportation from SD to Port au Prince for some experts from Germany. I found a driver who speaks spanish and french and knows the area. However, he says that a special permit is necessary to go by car to Haiti and this permit has to be obtained at least three...
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    Dominican to Haiti with cedula?

    Hi, can a dominican go to Haiti with cedula only or does he require a passport? A lot of international help for Haiti is going via the DR and for ground transportation it seems to be the best to get a local driver. I am checking out a few things for an organisation which will send experts from...
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    Ocean World, Camp David Ranch, Hotel Lina, SD Taxi

    Hello all, I'm a little late, but still want to share some of my experiences during the last trip in November. I allready told you about Here is the rest now: Ocean World...
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    Price for deslinde?

    Hello, I have been asked 2500 US$ for a deslinde for our lot of 3000 sqm, including measuring and GPS-points and all paperwork. I found two posts here which seem to confirm that this price is realistic. However I wonder if this is not just the "gringo-price". How will the average dominican...
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    Recent trip experiences: Renewing Residencia, Drivers License, Revista

    Hi all, I just came back from my last trip to the DR, the first one after 1.5 years (I used to be there three times a year). I would like to let you know about some experiences I made this time: Renewing the Residencia Permanente (Santo Domingo): You can go to the website of DGM (Migrcion)...