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    Dangers of propane

    There are still many. Many have both the gas and propane options.
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    Dog Poop and no scoop

    I would think that the horse shit should bother you more.
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    Dangers of propane

    A time bomb waiting to happen unless maintenance is kept up.
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    Dangers of propane

    Most propane stations will fill any tank regardless of the age or condition. There lies the problem. A tank in good condition shouldn't explode. Also, the stupidity of people keeping tanks inside their house is asking for trouble.
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    Playero Not Stocking, like before

    Have you ever visited a restaurant's kitchen? You would probably never it at a restaurant again. lol
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    Playero Not Stocking, like before

    Where is that?
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    Playero Not Stocking, like before

    The whole raw chickens are cheaper at Pola as well.
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    Playero Not Stocking, like before

    Playero has dropped the ball on many levels. Many products are cheaper at Pola now. Yokesso cheddar cheese is 75 pesos per lb cheaper at Pola. That's only one example. Cat and dog food goes up monthly.
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    Bad Accident on Duarte Highway

    Speed kills. No sympathy from my part. Idiots.
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    Pappatera has a 7 day return policy.
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    I havent been on this site in a while, but I moved here and now Im starting a business. I would like your opinions before I open up.

    Their ice cream was delicious and the price was right......the machine was always broken.
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    I havent been on this site in a while, but I moved here and now Im starting a business. I would like your opinions before I open up.

    I'll try it if I see it around. Every time I want soft ice cream, the machine is usually broken. I think the power surges have something to do with it and the repair man being too slow to get to it.
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    Armando Shot in Sosua

    If you scroll down further on that link, you'll see a picture of him and his real name. He owns a colmado, not a bar. He was leaving Blue Ice when he was captured.
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    Ongoing Work On The Highway In Sosua

    There's a post on the Ayuntamiento page that the engineer was being fired.
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    Imigration and Depotation: What does the government really want?

    I can't speak about any other town, but here in Sosua, the Haitian are picked up and for 10,000 pesos they are let go without going to jail or being brought anywhere. If they don't pay, they are brought to the border and then reenter and make their way back to Sosua. It's a merry-go-round and...
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    Looking For some info on Cabarete

    Cabarete is a beach and the highway. Nice to visit for a few days but gets boring quickly.
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    Caribe tours full schedule

    If you're travelling from Sosua, don't trust the website for departure times. They leave earlier because of the broken bridge in Cangrejo. I've never had a problem leaving from Santo Domingo. Not sure about other departure locations being inaccurate.
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    Problem with CPS shipping

    Every category of item has a different percentage. Some are low and some are high. CPS or your next shipping company can provide you a sheet from Aduana showing the categories with the tax percentage. 18% is the bare minimum unless it's something related to education such as a laptop.