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    toilet Paper

    this may sound a bit different different, but I bought a roll of toilet paper that had a break in the roll every sixth square. does anyone know which brand that is?
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    Shipping back to the USA

    We see a million threads about how to ship this or that from there to here, here being the Dominican Republic, but I have a small (50cc) three wheeled motorcycle that someone back in Missouri has offered to pay me quite a bit fpr if I can deliver it there. Does anyone know about shipping that...
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    Is The Dominican Republic headed for a dictatorship?

    This is the subject of two different discussions on Facebook. Does anyone here have any knowledge of this or heard any news in that direction?
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    Justice is best served cold!

    Because if it were served warm it would be justwater!
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    I Finally Figured Out What Is Causing Global Warming

    When did Global Warming start? About the same time as the government started Daylight saving time,right? Can't we blame it on Daylight Saving Time which gives us an extra hour of sunlight everyday in the summer? That is just too much. God didn't intend for us to have that much and it is...
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    once more time

    I know this has been gone over previously. But I don't recall the answer. I am thinking of returning to the DR and marrying one of the chicas with I have lived. I have had a heart attack and then pneumonia and am not in the best of health any more at 72 years old she is aware of that, but...
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    Dead- why estar and not ser?

    Not really about vaina, but still Espanol 101. Since high school I have wondered about the use of estar to designate dead. He's dead is esta muerto instead of es muerto. The estar is supposed to be temporary, right? But what is more permanent than death? I have an idea that I have proposed...
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    Cameroon and the Dominican Republic

    Every once in a while there is posted a list of the countries to which a Dominican can travel without a visa and vice versa. Not being too professional with this whole internet thing I cannot seem to conjure it up. The basic question is if a person from Cameroon can get a visa to travel to the...
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    Funny Friday in Spanish?

    She: Te amo He: Como sabes que me amas? She: No puedo respirar cuando estas cerca. He: Eso es asma, no es amor. She: OK te asmo entonces!
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    Women Only

    I am glad that the wymens have a forum just for them and I feel as intruding as the couple of times in my life when I have walked into a women's bathroom. Isn't there some way it could be labelled bigger and better. Thanks Mods for not giving me a demerit or anything for walking into the...
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    Ba Hai temple

    Does anyone know if there is a Ba Hai temple in the DR? A Panamanian friend who goes to their famous temple in Panama City known as el huevo is asking me. Thanks Der Fish
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    Bringing in a car once more time

    This subject has been beaten to death almost. But what if one were to buy a wrecked car and import it, would aduana use the actual value of the damaged vehicle? We are looking at a 2014 Kia Soul with both headlights knocked out in a rear end collision. The Kia did the rear ending. The price...
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    Getting together

    Ret.Cop Ret.Cop is online now Newbie Join Date Jun 2017 Posts 5 Post Thanks / Like Default Quote Originally Posted by Derfish View Post Hit forum up there by new posts, choose your category and it will pop up asking if you want to start a ne thread. Take it from there. Or if that doesn't work...
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    Looking for a friend.

    Hello, I am looking for Gilbert. I don't remember your last name, but we spent a bit of time together last year. A US veteran last seen by me in Sosua, last heard of in POP near the new Jumbo. PM me if you are on DR1 still. Thanks Der Fish
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    Charter Airlines

    I remember several years ago reading a thread about a charter airline in the DR. But cannot find it in the search thingie. Does anyone have any knowledge of whether or not this service is available at the present time? A have been asked about it. Thanks Der Fish
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    Spoiler: Racial joke coming up.

    I was reading that American males have sex on average 2 or 3 times per week, and Japanese men have sex on average 4 or 5 times per year. I had no idea I was Japanese!
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    Today's word ...............Fluctuations (I will never hear or see this word again without thinking of this joke.) I was at my bank today; there was a short line. There was just one lady in front of me, an Asian lady who was trying to exchange yen for dollars. It was obvious she...
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    Joe: Did you realize that much of the Bible is allegorical? Schmoe: No I didn't. What parts of the Bible did Al Gore write?
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    Return ticket. Old theme new question

    We see this subject every once in a while, but my question is this: I have the regularization sticker in my USA passport and left without paying the fine, but when I come back will I need the return ticket, or is this as good as residency when it comes to a return ticket? Anybody have...
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    Anthony Recenello

    About 9:00 AM on the 21st of this month I got a call from Anthony Recenello who posted here on DR1 for a short period a couple of years ago. I know a couple of people besides my self met him. He was trying to sell several items and posted as Skyking or some such. Any way last week he called...