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    Monkey Jungle, grand opening

    The "Monkey Jungle", a new zip-line, natural-habitat monkey park, had their grand opening today. It was a great time, with approximately 100 people attending. The entire place is absolutely amazing, and very professionally done. For those who are unfamiliar with the "Monkey Jungle", it is a new...
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    The Best of Sosua

    In the words of AlterEgo: POSITIVE Sosua Stories????? I'd like to hear some of the positives about Sosua, there must be some. So, all of you folks who LIVE in Sosua, let's hear the reasons you happily stay there. NOT because of the readily available women. NOT because you can't sell your...
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    Hurricane Weather- Punta Cana

    Tambo was just kidding. There is no need to start 6 threads on the same subject. Rice and beans already gave a decent response. There are no guarantees, and no one can predict the weather that far in advance. Please just relax and enjoy your vacation.
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    Cuartro de Julio en Sosua

    While viewing the USA - England match, I started thinking about how far back the actual rivalry between these two countries went; Some 234 years, at least! That line of thinking lead me to wonder if there will even be a 4th of July celebration / BBQ at Rocky's this year. I have attended...
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    Beautiful Wedding and Reception in Sosua

    There was a beautiful wedding and reception last night, in Sosua! Rick and Milka got MARRIED, and what a great time it was for everyone. Rocky's was closed for the entire day in preparation. Everything looked lovely in blue and white trim for the over 120 guests. It was a perfect evening, and...
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    French onion soup in Sosua

    I have eaten French onion soup in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and various other cities in Canada and the US, but I have recently discovered a place in Sosua that has as good a French onion soup as any I've ever tasted. I ordered French onion soup at Rocky's each of the past 5 evenings. I...
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    We took one for the team.

    I am happy to report that 99.9% of the DR is now crime free. It has all been moved to Sosua. From this point on there will be no murders in Moca, no vagrancy in La Vega, no prostitution in Punta Cana, and no thievery in Tamboril. All the bad things you heard about Bani have been banished, all...
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    DR1 get together at Rocky's Dec. 24 2009

    Can't we all just get along? By the way, I hope to have some kind of a little get-together at Rocky's (pending approval from Rick and Milka), December 24 (that's Christmas eve, but it is not a religious gathering by any means). I would love it if any and all DR1ers would stop by and say "hi"...
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    An incident at the Playa Sosua

    I would like to report on an unfortunate personal accident, which, while initially severe and serious, ended happily. I believe this incident illustrates the highest level of human kindness and compassion, and is clearly indicative of the fine qualities of the people involved. First of all, the...