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    Dr. Bob, RIP

    Good man. He raised my kids aunt/uncle, twins, who will miss him greatly. RIP
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Interesting but does anyone really know what this gubmit will do?
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    Tourist Card Included in Ticket Price

    With the new rule requiring the Airlines to give out Tourist Cards I'm looking to see if the U.S. and/or European Airlines are following through on this. Sunwing has ponied up so all the Canadian Carriers now give out the Tourist Card so just looking for confirmation on the others. And are they...
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    New non-stop flight CLT-POP on AA

    I was just searching dates for travel June 18 to August 13 on AA dot com from DAB. The first option given was DAB/CLT/POP for $757 (600 + 157 tax). The CLT/POP flight, AA 1918 said "pending government approval". Flight times 0935/1225 and the return 1320/1640. This opens up a ton of connections...