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    Uber from STI

    I have also given up on Uber leaving STI. The driver accepted, then messaged me a new price, and demanded cash. He canceled when I refused, and the next driver did the same. This happened on two separate occasions. I had no issue with paying cash, I was planning on it, but the 1,000 pesos extra...
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    International Money Transfer - US/CAN to DR

    I have been using Ria for about a year now. After the first few transfers (where it took a few hours to be avaliable), it is now available immediately. I use a debit card, the fees are less than Western Union for a transfer being picked up in USD. You can also use a credit card, or transfer...
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    Children's Library

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    Expat RT Ticket Jam: Solution?

    Here is what I have done. Book a flight just before arriving at the airport for your flight to DR. Cancel within 24 hours of booking, and if it is a US airline, it is refundable to your original form of payment. So cancel as soon as you arrive in DR. I have also printed a copy of my...
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    Recommendation Requested

    I stayed at Be Live Marien in Costa Dorado a few weeks ago. They are running pretty good specials right now on their website. Well under $100 per night.
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    Honest Quality Resort/Condo Punta Cana

    Try contacting Michaela Blundell at 829-847'5452. ( She may have a 3 bedroom available, or maybe two condos in the same complex would work for you?
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    Covid Recovery Certificate

    If you google it, there are quite a few telemedicine sites that will provide you with documentation of recovery after a video consult. They ask for proof of a positive test result, you sign a statement saying that you have completed quarantine and are symptom free, and they email you the...
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    Rare, medium rare, and raro.

    Yes. Charred outside and raw inside. Delicious if you have the right cut of beef.
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    New CDC Test Requirements

    1400 pesos in Mao, results in less than 2 hours.
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    New Travel Rules to Enter the U.S.

    Yes, they do. Jetblue has passed them out as you wait in line to check in on my last few flights.
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    New Travel Rules to Enter the U.S.

    When traveling to the US the airline will validate that you received your second dose of the vaccine at least two weeks before your date of travel. If you are not vaccinated, or it has been less than two weeks since your second dose, you will need a negative covid test to board the plane. And...
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    No curfew but with a vaccination card or PCR test to enter establishments

    I think that the short notice for the implementation of this is only going to encourage counterfeit vaccination cards. And once someone has a fake one, they have little incentive to actually get vaccinated. There should have been a 30 day advance notice.
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    Caribe tours to Sosua

    There is a Metro bus station in Los Jardines, at the opposite end of the block from the Caribe Tours station.
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    Caribe tours to Sosua

    Los Jardines is the closest one, about 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic.
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    I entered Monday, the 20th. I was not asked to show any proof of e ticket before boarding.(Jetblue from BOS) The flight attendants did announce shortly before landing that the e ticket was mandatory, and walked around to ask if anyone needed the website info. There were quite a few people off...
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    Culling the Pigs & Pork Prices

    No vehicles need to enter the property until the truck comes to take the pigs to the slaughterhouse when they reach the proper weight. Ideally, we would have pigs in groups, with one group reaching optimum weight every 4 to 5 weeks. But by fillling the granja all at once, we will have only one...
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    Culling the Pigs & Pork Prices

    Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine. We are planning to purchase all of the new stock at once, to avoid introducing possibly infected pigs to existing stock. We will continue to disinfect the granja on a regular schedule, limit the people allowed in the granja to employees only...
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    Culling the Pigs & Pork Prices

    As of the end of August, 18 provinces have been affected. The government inspectors have been to our granja several times now, to test for the virus, and make sure proper sanitation protocols are in place. We are doing everything possible to limit the possibility of infection. We disinfect on...
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    What is a COVID-19 vaccine passport, and do I need one?

    I was asked if I was vaccinated, and asked to show my card at STI last month when entering. I'm not sure what they were doing if someone was not vaccinated, they did not appear to be refusing anyone entry.
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    They still had the residents only line in Santiago when I entered in July.