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    Bitcoin exchange that supports withdrawal to Dominican Republic?

    Yes as technology advances in Quantum computers, technologies as significant as bitcoin blockchain will advance as well.
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    UFC Fight night tonight with Cabarete local Alex Garcia-where to watch?

    Who is showing in Cab/Sosua?
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    Finn McCools Irish Pub Sosua

    Big Frank is open, but not completely, kitchen and food anytime now but I stopped in for a couple extremely COLD beers yesterday. It is at the Lou's spot as many have mentioned, on Pedro Clisante just before the Sosua Lights bar on the same side. He has some Cool concepts and USA MEAT in his...
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    Flights to Antigua?

    A couple years ago i flew to a few Caribbean islands out of SDQ on small airlines, I believe LIAT or INSEL. They were direct flights and only $200+. On their sites i do not see the same coverage. Anyway i would prefer to fly out of POP or SDQ to Antigua-has anyone done this recently?
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    Boxing Ring

    I know this is a long shot, a friend is looking to buy or rent a Boxing Ring, he has already investigated buying from outside, so this question is looking for something inside the DR. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Where to hold events in Sosua or Cabarete

    Is there any banquet halls /rec centres that could hold over 1000 people? Any casinos that have this type of room? I hear Sosua has a room at their Casino, not sure what it holds, any feedback appreciated.
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    14 year old girl attacked, Cielo Garcia Sena

    Many of you may have already read this on Facebook or local news. It's very sad when such a horrible act like this occurs! I know many members here who have helped her through donations, myself included. Just thought I would share here in case others feel like helping as well...
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    How is Costambar?

    I have a gringo friend who has stayed in SD, Sosua and Cabarete over the years but he is asking about long term Condo rentals in Costombar. How is that area these days? is the beach nice, safe area etc. where does one find these listings?
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    Portable generator

    Has anyone tried using a small portable generator to power bedroom 220V A/C units? I would be for a villa that only has an invertor/batteries, but loses power for couple hours or so during the night.
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    Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) LEVEL C Certificate

    Does anyone know where one could take this training in Santo Domingo? Thx.
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    GATCA is the new FATCA

    Is everyone aware of the fairly new GATCA ( Global Account Tax Compliance Act)? Its the Global version of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). It seems it has already started rolling out to 70+ countries worldwide.
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    Where is the Panama Embassy or Consulado in DR?

    I have searched online because "GOOGLE is my fren", but unfortunately the information is unreliable. Both the Embassy and Consulate show addresses in Gazcue within a couple blocks of each other but when you go there you only see apartments and no clear sign of either. When you call the numbers...
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    Otorrinolaringologo (ear nose, throat) Doctor in Santo Domingo

    I am looking for this type of Doctor in SD. The catch, and I know its a biggy, I would like one that takes my ARS Humanos platinum insurance. I hate paying for insurance bills and yet only very rarely have I actually used it. Seems these corrupt Doctors and Insurance operators can not work...
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    DR Toilets fix

    DR Toilets In know like most things here is Chinese garbage, but the coincidence in this one has me guessing. I have 2 toilets that are identical ?CrestWare? brand see foto. The first one is in a bathroom directly above the other, the second on the floor (piso) below. Last month the top floor...
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    Best day to travel

    When is the better day to drive from SD to POP over the weekend Saturday the 24th or Sunday 25th?
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    Air transat nonstop SDQ-Toronto

    Alert for those interested! It seems a new flight just starting. Booked a Christmas day departure out of SDQ to Toronto non stop for 400usd , add a checked bag each way comes to $450ish. This price is not one way, includes return. Almost booked same type of nonstop out of Punta Cana for just...
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    Daily or hourly wages for good Dominican worker

    I have a Dominican tradesman (Carpenter/electrical/etc.) doing some odd jobs for me. So far he has only worked 3 hours on one but will use him for more this week. He was referred from a close friend, he brings his own tools of which i would have to buy to do myself. He is also smart enough to do...
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    Some recent accolades for Guzman Ariza Law Firm.

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    Investing in Solar Energy Projects in the DR

    From research the DR has proven to be one of the best locations for solar energy projects. The long sun hours and intensity along with high priced and unreliable electricity make it a prime candidate. The BHD bank has also been named as one who will finance projects at reasonable rates. This...
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    Home invasion Sosua

    I saw this post today on Facebook. The crime must be increasing due to the lack of employment in Sosua. Home invasion!! Sosua and Cabarete BAHIA DEL CORAL NEAR "EL CHOCO" OPPOSITE "OCEAN VILLAGE Today at around 1600hrs (daylight) two armed men kidnapped my family and I and then robbed the villa...