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    I'm still here !!!

    Just in case anyone forgot about me :cheeky::cheeky::cheeky:
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    Chihuahua Pups

    I am looking for a Chihuahua puppy around 10-12 weeks old in Puerto Plata area in March... Anyone know where I can find one... I know in the DR dog sizes are referred to by numbers as well... I want small... like teacup small... Anyone ?
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    Dominican Traditional Skirts

    Does anyone know where I can get the traditional big circle skirts in the DR and price... I would need 12-15 of them. link is an example of what im talking about.
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    Carnival 2014

    Around what date/weekend does it start in 2014?
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    I am lost !

    ... 2 weeks ago I unfortunately lost my daddy :( My mom isn't handling the situation very well and I've convinced her to go on a trip to the DR after New Years... She's been to Puerto Plata, loved it but has heard soooo many great reviews about the beach in Punta Cana and wants to go there...
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    Topping up a DR cell from Canada ?

    I've got my cell in DR and wonder if I can top it up from Canada. It's with Viva, I've googled this and found different sites that I can supposedly do this from but don't know which ones are recommended/legit. Anyone know ?
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    Anyone have an Apartment at Puerto Plata Beach Club on the Malecon ???

    Anyone have an apartment or know someone that has an apartment for rent at Puerto Plata Beach Club on the Malecon in Puerto Plata ??? The place we usually get is rented out. We like this location for the pool and proximity to everything. Apartment needs to be furnished ! We need it for March...
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    Child Consent Form - Canada

    For those of you who keep asking me where I get my child consent form to travel outside of Canada without my son's father... Voila... here you go... Consent letter for children travelling abroad
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    Air Canada Cheap fare Toronto-Puerto Plata !

    Just booked our tickets to Puerto Plata in May... $99 plus tax ($386) = $485 total return leaving Saturdays ... if only the taxes weren't so high...
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    Drug Scam

    Reading my daily gossip columns and came across this... Drug Scam Victims Ante Up $100,000 to Avoid Prosecution |
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    Dominican clubs in Montreal...

    Sooooooo we will be driving from Toronto to Montreal next weekend and want to know which clubs Dominicans go to...
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    Anyone else notice in T.O...

    that Canjet doesn't have any flights to POP for May/June ? I know it's low season... but damn prices are high (thank god I got lucky with AC) !!!
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    Air Canada Departure Tax ???

    Haven't paid the $20 departure tax in YEARS... however it's my first time flying with Air Canada and on the invoice it says a $20 departure tax/pp to be paid there... I called Belairtravel and they said that it's correct... but I don't know if I believe that because other times I've flewn and...
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    NJ Housewives cast brawls at Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana lol

    EXCLUSIVE: Joe Giudice and NJ Housewives Cast Members Detained By Police Overseas After Bar Fight | Radar Online
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    Need an apartment in Puerto Plata

    We need an apartment for April 16-April 30... we usually stay at KMA but now they are charging 2000 pesos/day for a 1 bedroom and I refuse to pay $1000 usd (approx) for 2 weeks... My husband would be the one looking for us but he's out of town for the next or so - so I thought someone on here...
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    Anyone else notice taxes go up AGAIN !!!

    Was just looking for tickets (air only) in April out of Toronto to Puerto Plata and see that Air Transats taxes are now $358 and Sunwings taxes are $360... Seriously when is it going to stop ?
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    Aventura in Toronto - Feb 12, 2011 :)

    Well it's about time my back-up plan comes back to town !!! Aventura February 12, 2011 Powerade Centre Brampton, Ontario ... and guess who got tickets front & centre... ME !!! :) !!! YouTube - Aventura in Concert Toronto (Canada), Saturday February 12, 2011.
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    Happy Birthday Whirleybird !

    My favourite chat Biotch is another year younger today ! Happy B-day ! Get loaded !
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    Canadian passes away from slip at resort...

    B.C. man died while companies fought over bill: family - Yahoo! Canada News who's responsible to pay for the hospital... hotel or insurance company ? I would think it would be the insurance company - isn't that what they're for ? Would they have moved faster if it was outside of the hotel he...
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    Updating an Orange pre-paid balance from Canada ???

    ... So I left the DR this weekend with my Orange cell in my purse, which I have never done I just leave it there cause I dont use that phone here in Canada. Mr. Barbie went to Orange this afternoon to see if he can update my account there without having the phone physically there... in the...