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    If You are in the DR and get sick.

    What is your plan? I mean chest heaving, fever cannot catch a breathe or smell nor taste anything sick. Will you go try to find an ICU bed in a private clinic, go to HOMS, go to the biggest hospital in Santo Domingo??? What is everybody's game plan? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Automobile Insurance Without Drivers License

    I think I saw this somewhere and searched but nothing came up. If I buy automobile insurance in the DR but have no drivers license, cedula or residency is my automobile insurance invalid? Thanks.
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    Pre Built Dog House

    Yes, I'm lazy. Any ideas where to buy one...other than having somebody build one. 5x3, house 2 small dogs.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Any restuarants in Sosua, Cab, PP offering Thanksgiving dinner? Too bad no Mimis on the island[emoji1787]
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    Cool Transportation Link

    Just came across this one. Most of the regs know this stuff but good for newcomers!
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    Any Reliable Decent Mechanics?

    From Nagua to PP. North Coast. Anyone with decent machinery for diagnostics and an alignment perhaps...oh, and decent tire prices. Thank you in advance.
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    "MEAT" TO GO???

    I bought frozen burger patties from Janets. Meat To Go. Their steaks are usually great. Every now and again you get a tough one. People on DR1 always talk up their product. I cooked these burgers through and no matter how long I grille them, THE MEAT REMAINS RED. Beef never remains red when...
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    Cortisone Shot

    Need a shoulder shot. CMC in Sosua? Orthopod with the shot? Thanks!
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    Type of Bird

    I have been told it's called a Guacko. Im thinking it maybe a Palmchat. The loudest most annoying squak squak squak squak then a bunch of gurgling. Everytime I go to record it, it silences. I also have been told their incessant squaking is a rain predictor. I looked up usual methods to to be...
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    Whats the deal with the black flies everywhere. I am on the North Coast and these beasts are endless. Is this seasonal? An anomoly? Business as usual? Is it wind direction? God forbid you are trying to eat a sandwhich or have a refresco around these carnivorous beats.
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    Flashing a Router

    Anyone had any success? Have a Netgear R7000 AC1900 and want to flash it to a DR Regional location. It's from the US. DDWRT? Thanks.
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    Nasty Stuff Everywhere

    Islands of nastiness floating in on the North Coast. This is off Cabrera. Have been seeing this for days. Where is it all ending up?
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    Gas Lamp Cylinders

    Has anyone ever seen a Coleman or any type of propane gas cylinder for a Coleman type lantern anywhere in the DR? I have looked most everywhere including Sirena, Pricesmart, Jumbo and most larger hardware stores with no luck. Thank you.
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    Ivanka and Jared Visit The Amanera

    Seems like they had a fun relaxing time here.
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    Strong Smell of Smoke

    Cabrera area starting at 3am. Still going strong today. Is this that Swahili smoke cloud thing? Need a gas mask🤢
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    Find An Underground Leak Help

    Under a floor slab, out in the lawn somewhere. It's off a home domestic water line. Think sonogram guy. Any suggestions other than divining rods? North Coast underground leak finder?
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    Pillow Top for a King Mattress

    Santiago? Pricesmart? Puerta Plata? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bedding in general. Linen. Luxury Cotton? Memory foam pillow top for mattress? Thank you
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    Roaches and Termites

    Need help. Looked up one thread talked about termite oil here. Killed off two whopper termite nests outside. Spent 2 hours cleaning unplugged printer of termite larva today. No wood in the printer🤨 Gargantuan roach leaving frass in lower cabs where there is zero food. Help!
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    Dominican Swimming Pool Wiring[emoji46]

    Do you see any code violations🤣
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    MILDEW/ Termite Frass

    Any suggestions. Maybe it's the way our house is built, it retains dampness. Even if windows and doors are open, the mold sets in. So many items with mildew fully formed or in process. Forget packing any closets tight...everything needs separation otherwise mildew and mold will form. Is this...