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    Half of heart disease patients are under 70 years old

    No mention of the vaxx nor cooking with vegetable/seed oil.
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    Need recommendations on the ways to heat water for residential use.

    Hi, The best way to heat water is a "hybrid hot water tank" These units use a tiny heat pump on top of the tank. They suck heat out of the environment. I've installed many in Canada, usually in a mechanical room where there is lots of waste heat, and there's lots of that in the DR. If you only...
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    Airbnb/VRBO short term rentals pushing up longer term rental prices ?

    We had bought tickets to Las Terrenas last November and then we looked for another 6 month rental which stopped us right there. Rates up triple from 2018. We're in Thailand now instead, cheaper, friendlier and safer. Hell, it's even rude to honk your horn here. No shotgun armed night guards at...
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    Inverter and Battery Charging Question

    I can see Lucas' point, we live on a boat on Vancouver Island strictly on batteries at anchor. I just bought 6 x 6volt at 250 amp/hrs ea = total of 12 volts 750 amp/hrs. We bought AGM lead acid sealed batteries ($300 CAD ea) and were kinda choked to learn about the 50% safe drawdown...
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    Best Business in the DR

    I was planning on starting an installation of renewable energy biz in a 3rd world country years ago. This was related to contruction type work. The big risk was getting paid. I decided the only safe move was to get a dealership for something, cars, appliances etc. The customers don't get the...
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    An Incomparable Crime Pool: The Hurricane Hole of Luperón

    It seems the DR has a million laws compared to Haiti but none seem to protect sailors and harbors in general. The DR has erased itself from sailors charts, such a loss, I used to spend a lot provisioning there.
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    Corrupted officials in Luperon Harbor

    Have things in Luperon gotten any better since 2001? I spent time in Samana Bay in '86 and '88 and theft was common then. Such a huge country and so few good harbors, Samana Bay is not a good harbor.
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    When prices get too high, crazy high in this case, travelers make new plans. We're going to Thailand instead. Lots of affordable rentals and better food even though the beaches don't compare. The airfare is even $100 less than DR from Vancouver. Maybe next year for the North Coast again, we'll...
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    $USD, 2 people, 1 or 2 bedrooms (for guests), no vehicle just renting scooters to explore, no activities needed, we're retired and can do absolutely nothing for 4 months, My last trip was 2018 for 6 months and loved doing very little.
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    Thanks for all the inputs. The inflation shock seems to be everywhere. I ordered a geothermal heat pump for a client, now $9500, was $6400. Is the cost of buying an apartment rising the same extent?
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    We're trying to find an apartment for 4 months starting mid November and wow rates have gone wild. We last stayed in LT for 6 months in 2018 and aside from world prices going crazy, LT is too. Any ideas for a place within walking distance to the beach and full mosquito screens in the $1k/mo...
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    Another newbie here

    Hi everyone, I’m a retiring renewable energy expert (is an expert just another guy from out of town?) I’m in Las Terrenas this week, just rented a place starting Jan ‘18 and thought I’d get to know the locals by hosting a solar/wind/you name it seminar for residential and resort scale...