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    Sosua Siempre Sol bar restaurant on the beach will close in 10 days.

    Source: "facebook Siempre Sol Sosua. In 10 days there is no more SIEMPRE SOL on the beach.. See you before I close mybusiness." Herman
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    If you live in the DR beware of the SALAMI

    15% of salamis contain fecal coliform, Consumer Agency warns Santo Domingo.- Consumer Protection Agency (Proconsumidor) director Altagracia Paulino on disclosed a study Tuesday which found 97% of salamis produced in the country lack the required nutrients and contain 51% excess chemicals which...
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    Blog has been removed this BLOG has been removed... Canoa presure?
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    Hitler and SDK

    YouTube - Hitler clash Dominique Strauss Kahn !
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    Why some Dominicans act like children

    98.57% of 911 calls were prank calls Ironically, and in many cases with the line busy, 98.57% of calls made to the 911 emergency number between January and October 2010 were "pranks" and only 1.43 "real", a situation which merits help. According to a report given to Diario Libre by the...
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    The creation of the Dominican peso: The Hoax of the Century

    Interesting article in Hoy this morning, for those who can read Spanish. La creaci?n del peso dominicano: La gran estafa del siglo La creaci?n del peso dominicano: La gran estafa del siglo - Hoy Digital
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    False 25 pesos coins circulating in the streets

    The false coins are easy to bend and the sound they make when falling is very distinct from the good ones. However, its color and circular shape is quite similar to the authentic, which can cause a group of coins together go unnoticed, much more if low light or at night. The RD $ 25 coins are...
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    Why are they poisoning children in DR

    Se intoxican otros 126 estudiantes en Azua - List?n Diario Digital Week after week I can read about school kids getting poisoned with their free breakfast milk or other foods. How can this happen repeatedly without anybody doing anything to stop this.
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    Newly Discovered Threats Pose Serious Risks

    Newly Discovered Threats Pose Serious Risks for Organizations Worldwide ATLANTA ? October 18, 2010 ? Stonesoft, an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions, today announced the discovery of new, advanced evasion techniques (AET) that can pose a...
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    DR has The worst education system

    After listening to this video I was astonished to learn (even if I new that the educational system in the DR was not top notch) that it was so low in efforts by the government. Only 1.8% of the PIB (gross domestic product). DR is at the bottom (minus one country) for education comparing all...
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    Soon Security Camera in Sosua Government to install security cameras in main tourism regions
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    DR Justice - kill 7 get 3-5 years prison As? es la justicia dominicana: 3 y 5 a?os para menores mataron taxistas One of them laughing out loud that he will be out in 2.5 years and probably start all over again... incredible! "uno de los menores riendo a carcajada exclam? que en dos a?os y medio salen en libertas."
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    010 Tourism Advertising Campaign

    A video capsule of an enjoyable tour of Santiago, Puerto Plata, Sosua Cabarete. By Ministerio de turismo Turismoparatodos,com,do YouTube - Capsula Santiago y Puerto Plata
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    El Japon?s y el Curro

    Hab?a un japon?s que ten?a como vecino al se?or Curro. El se?or Curro ten?a unos perros feroces que ladraban todas las noches. Un d?a el japon?s no pudo m?s y llam? a la polic?a a quejarse. "?Se?ol, los pelos del Culo me est?n molestando!" "?Pues c?rteselos, carajo!" Source Los vivos y los...
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    Are you worried when flying over Dominican airspace?

    Maybe you should... read this: Country's airspace is dangerous; 307 incidents in one month Country's airspace is dangerous; 307 incidents in one month -
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    Tratando de ponerse una bermuda como camisa

    YouTube - Tratando de ponerse una bermuda como camisa ;)
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    PLD: 29 senadur?as

    Were you expecting such a landslide for PLD? PLD: 29 senadur?as - List?n Diario Digital
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    Listin Diario new web page today

    Have you seen the new Listin Diario web page? Listin Diario
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    Help for Sosua kids from Politur

    Puerto Plata Digital
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    About Sosua violence

    In Spanish As? pienso que est? nuestro Sos?a Autor: Roberto Henr?quez - Paterson, NJ, USA Es lamentable lo que ha venido ocurriendo desde hace tiempo en nuestra querida Sos?a. Muy lamentable y adem?s penoso. ?Hasta cuando vamos a permitir que la violencia arrope totalmente nuestra sociedad...