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    Dominican Dating Culture

    thank god!!!!!!!!
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    Is he looking for a visa?

    your question is short, but the answers are incredibly dynamic....insanely dynamic! is kinda scary you have such a short time, and are talking like you are. laws change over the years... these days with a Biden administration, I doubt there is much chasing of illegal immigrants going...
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    german butcher

    hey Tambo......... arent we all sick of covid talk!...... hope you are well... speaking of germans do they vacation on the north coast any more/??
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    Trump files suit...

    years ago when he got into bed with the Dominicans, i scratched my head. The Donald always has a way of just sticking his toe in when he made it seem like he jumped all in.....and he leaves everyone else holding the bag when things go south.... well he is suing now and we know he probably wont...
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    does a dominican womans visa cover her infant child as well?

    if a domincain woman gets an immigration visa, does it cover her infant child as well?? and is there a time limit for the travel of the child? assuming the child would stay with relatives in the DR, while the mother sets up a living arraingement in america... and then wants to bring ther...
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    looking for a report on a hotel in Punta Cana

    MAJESTIC COLONIAL HOTEL -OFFICIAL SITE- MAJESTIC RESORTS -5 STAR LUXURY RESORTS MAJESTIC -PUNTA CANA-BAVARO BEACH-All Inclusive Resort my daughter has a honeymoon planned there... and Id like to give her as much advice as possible....has anyone been there , that can give me their view?? she...
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    Dominican Bank statement help needed

    I get an email once in aw hile from my ex GFs bank. I had signed on the account so , if i had wanted to , i could make deposits into her account on line, since i was an authorized person on the account. well her balance went to zilch at least a year ago... and she wasnt using the bank... I...
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    all you bush haters will love living here

    Russian activists assail government treason bill - Yahoo! News you love to complain about the president, and the country, but try living in a country with Saddam or Putnin in charge . it isnt like every president can be a super hero..... world events plays a huge roll in how they are...
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    slow CANT BE.....

    Come on , you cant be closing those gay AZB threads so fast, especially beofre i have a chance to join it. I mean I understand that we dont need to know about azbs chicken digestion issues.....but.... I was wondering if AZB liked what he saw , when the secret lover...I mean agent man bent...
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    Sergio Vargas and Eddy Hererra..tonight

    I least the way i read they are playing at Dolce tonight. plus for AZB coming dec 20th ...DADDY YANKEE in Santiago some arena..... Me and frank the tank got our mugs in some magazine when we were at Dolce 2 weeks ago seeing Milli Casada...
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    I am not affraid of the big bad wolf......

    Anymore..anyway.. ok Ill open up...because i want to show I am NOT mr negative... I have previously traveled to and through Danto Domingo a total of 4 times. twice as a passenger on hunting trips that took us through there and on return , plus a little R and R. ahem.... and twice with...
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    anyone seeing the rates fall yet?

    gas is 1/3 what it was earlier this year, and that was the big push for higher airl;ine when will these guys drop their price to fall in libne with the fluctuation of fuel? bad bob
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    ok got a ticket in santiago

    for running a red light and the AMET lady was too cute to keep driving away i pulled over. she gave me ticket that needed to get paid at Ban Reserves...course I "forgot" to do that before i left...the car was a rental . I am thinking that next trip there is no way they could know I...
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    Looking for the phone number of the century plaza

    any one have the phone number of the century plaza hotel...I looked up half a dozen links to the hotel and none give a phone number..... strange plus does anyone know the name of the road that the Jardines Hotel is on??? and the closest side street..... thanks bad bob
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    JUST for curiosity's sake.....

    are there clubs like Pasions and Illusions in Santiago... Santo Domingo? bad bob
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    any feed back on a hotel named royal palace

    looking for any feedback on a hotel name royal palace on Lincoln. thanks bad bob
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    Is Luis Vargas any good?

    he is singing in Danbury CT tomorrow i hear.... so is he any good......if he is a chopo, just dont bother telling me ha ha bad bob
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    did Rockys move???

    here is a map from google that is being worked on for GPS users...of course some people make slight mistakes.... OR...they moved Rockys Blues Bar down around the bend!! ha ha ha,-70.515479&spn=0.003706,0.004989&t=h&z=18&gw=10 dont know why it...
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    I thought this was funny....

    Grunt! Ummmhhhh! Duh. "I Football Player!" - The Daily Czabe bad bad bob
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    AT&T GO the DR

    Is it possible to activate an AT&T GO PHONE in the dr for a week?????? I want to bring a cheap phone that i dont care about losing.... bad bob