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    Purchase of good desktop computer

    I just ordered one. I hope it works out.
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    The DR is not for everyone

    No, The DR is not for everyone, I don't think any country is. But personally I would not want to be anywhere else. On the plus side I can do pretty much whatever I please. The down side is everyone else can too. It is not anarchy but it is far more libertarian than most people realize.
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    North Coast Hotel

    My cousin will be retiring soon. She wants to know if DR should be on her list of countries to consider living in. She want to see for herself. She asks "Can you recommend a nice 4-5 star hotel in Puerto Plata-Sousa-Cabarete area??" I could, but no 4-5 star hotel stay will give her an idea of...
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    Passport not stamped

    My passport expired after entry. I now have a new one with no stamps and a different number. Any idea how they would calculate overstay fee?
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    AA Meetings?

    Sosua- New Life Church in La Mulata Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 Sosua- Bombita St. Jude's Chapel Saturdays at noon. Contact Phill for more information 829-328-9900 There is one in Las Galeras too but I don't know more.
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    US government again tells its citizens to leave Haiti

    The alert I just received from the US embassy claims that sea ports and airports will also be closed. What I am wondering is how is it possible for the Dominican government to do that.
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    Puerto de Boca and the Yasica beach

    Wilson's is a restaurant on the east side, nice place to spend an afternoon. He offers complementary boat transportation from the west side.
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    Advice for first trip to Damajagua

    The best time is early morning. By 10:00 the crowds have stirred up the water making it less beautiful and afternoon thunder showers can change things quickly. That would be difficult coming from Rio San Juan. Consider spending the night somewhere closer. Make your Maimon meal a late lunch on...
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    Natural History question - what is the creature making a sound at night

    Bullfrog, known locally as maco vacca
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    Cangrejos Bridge Has New Damage

    April 1st 2024 maybe
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    Chinese Restaurant in Cabarete

    I went by there Wednesday as well. I did not notice any change in internal furnishings but I did notice the for rent sign on the front.
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    Where to buy jacuzzi?

    Check Ferretería Internacional Freddy in PP. We bought one there but that was years ago.
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    Shock - Required Return Ticket if no residency

    I think the idea is that an airline technically could be forced to bare the cost of returning a passenger in violation. But you are quite correct I doubt it ever happened. It would be bad press, bad for tourism, and just plain stupid.
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    Shock - Required Return Ticket if no residency

    Actually the requirement is for a return or onward ticket. They don't care if you go back. They just don't want you to stay. If you had proof of a bus ticket to Haiti that would fulfill the requirement however buses no longer go to Haiti. The one time I was required to buy a ticket in order to...
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    Pre-Marital Assets

    I am from the US. She was a maid at the hotel I was living in. I did the young hottie thing for awhile and then decided true happiness would only come with someone closer to my own age.
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    Pre-Marital Assets

    Some people, myself included, find a Dominican partner that truly makes them happy. We have been together at least a dozen years and make a great team.
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    Long Term Concerns about Geo Political Movements for Expats in DR

    I know a couple that bought an entire mountain. They do have full control but most people don't have the ability to do that. I built in the middle of a large cow pasture. Quiet for years but I never would have guessed at the rapid pas of urbanization my town has undergone. Only a few small lots...
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    Can exchange my USA Drivers License for a DR one?

    If you have a cedula I don't think that it would be a big deal. There are people hanging around outside with offers of assistance. However you would need to speak pretty good Spanish to deal with them.
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    Long Term Concerns about Geo Political Movements for Expats in DR

    Those are hard to find. I never met anyone that was happy with theirs
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    Long Term Concerns about Geo Political Movements for Expats in DR

    I have been here 16 years. I used to travel back to the US from time to time as financial needs required but retired 4 years ago. I did built a house that enables me to get by on my modest pension. I would be very warry of buying a condo or anywhere that has a HOA as these have added costs. I do...