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    Another Price Smart for Santiago?

    I totally agree.
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    100th Day Celebration at Strength for the Journey!

    Oh my gosh, how adorable!
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    Land Title

    We bought property in May 2023. We had the deslinde before we closed on the property (we would not have closed without that nor a title search). We had the title within 2 months after closing. The attorney emailed us a copy of the title and then, on our next visit we picked up the actual title...
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    Permanent Residency

    Yes, exactly. That's the way it was explained to me.
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    Permanent Residency

    @johne: What was explained to me by Medicare is (and I'm not sure to be honest if this is totally correct, but it gives you a general idea - maybe someone who is more knowledgeable than I am can chime in): if a U.S. citizen plans to move out of the country (i.e. to the DR) full time, it's always...
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    Jets/Giants game - Punta Cana?

    LOL ok, perfect. Where is 24/7?
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    Jets/Giants game - Punta Cana?

    Good morning everyone - any place to watch the Jets/Giants game Oct 29 on big screen TV's? NOT at an AI. Just wondering. Corner Bar? etc.
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    American arrested in Sosua on murder charges

    He was arrested last week. He had fled Lancaster, Penn back in 2009, to the DR, and they've been looking for him. The story he was telling about just being released after 15 years seems like that was his cover story...
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    Container Home Builds in DR...

    Although not a home, I'm impressed by the Food Court Bellamar built on the highway outside of La Romana. I know nothing about containers but the concept is very nice and seems to work. Each container serves a different purpose and they are all air conditioned. There are maybe 7-10 containers...
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    Cruise - MIA - SDQ

    @MiamiDRGuy for what it's worth, there are 2 ships similar to the link you provided (maybe a bit smaller), that have been docked for years, up in Green Cove Springs, Florida, Since I've never seen them move, I assume they are abandoned. Maybe for sale? Not sure. Every time I go up there I wonder...
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    Citizens from Countries that can visit Europe without Visa, will need to pay for ETIAS to travel to Europe starting in 2024

    It's actually good for up to 3 years, multiple entries. The fee is 7 Euro and the only official site is (not actively accepting applications yet):
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    Travelling to Europe for Dominican citizens changes in 2024

    The ETIAS program has been delayed and delayed. It was supposed to go active in 2023, then 2023, and it's now slated to begin in 2024. We'll see. As of now (things keep changing) there is 56+ countries who will need to register for travel to the Schengen zone. There is a small fee to register...
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    Mailing a box of cigars to the US

    Oh, Ok. Different guys. :-)
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    Mailing a box of cigars to the US

    I'm not a cigar smoker but my husband is. Last year we visited Tabacalera Garcia and he wanted to buy some cigars, as a gift for someone, in their shop after we toured the factory. He checked JR Cigar and realized the box was $125 less than buying them in the DR. A big difference. We then went...
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    Refused entry

    Chris, I really don't know what to tell you. Yes, maybe it was due to the lack of a letter, perhaps the passports were going to expire prior to 6 months after travel, etc. Although I was a F/A, I'm certainly no expert and not in a position to offer professional advice. I wasn't there and don't...
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    Refused entry

    I don't post often but just have to chime in again because this story doesn't make any sense other than needing the letter, which may indeed have been the issue. However, in that case, did they ASK for a letter? Did they ask who the children were and what your relation is to them? From what you...
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    Refused entry

    It seems there may be more to this story. Just my humble opinion. Was everyone else on your flight allowed entry? Without being detained/having cell phones and passports confiscated? It just seems to make sense that there is indeed a valid reason - randomly denying entry to a family of 4 sounds...
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    New Words From Meemselle

    Thank you! I just started following you on I just love the way you write. :)
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    New Words From Meemselle

    Same here. I read through every post and I love them. I wish you had a "suscribe" button! :)
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    Americanos de Samaná

    The story is fascinating. I hope they continue to pass down their traditions!