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    Virtual Phone Number in Dominican Republic

    What is the best virtual phone number system if you want locals to be able to reach you at a Dominican number while you are abroad? Not everybody seems to have access to WhatsApp or Skype. Thanks in advance!
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    Euro Bills

    My wife needs to exchange some 500 and 200 Euro bills to Pesos but Dominican banks and casas de cambio don't want to accept them, claiming they are illegal in the DR. Any ideas?
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    Anybody else Problems with Claro Internet at the moment?

    I can't connect to Claro Internet at the moment. Thanks god I have another connection with Orange. Anybody else has problems with Claro at the moment? Thanks
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    Orange Website

    When I visited the Orange website some minutes ago, I was asked to give my Ced. Nr. and to answer some personal questions in order to verify my number. Otherwise I would loose my number. Does anybody know if this is legit or is this some kind of phishing?
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    Permiso de Menor - Travel Permit for Minors

    My 16 year old daughter would like to visit some friends in the US and I learnt that she needs a written authorization by mom and dad which has to be notarized. Does anybody have a draft (borrador) for a travel permit, and if yes, could be so nice to email it to me, so that I can edit it to my...
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    New Regulation Traffic Fines

    Traffic fines will have to be paid at offices of the "Procuradur?a General" from now on! If you have pending (unpaid) traffic fines you will not be able to leave the country...
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    Virus Alert, my Anti Virus just shut down with....

    ...the following message Virus Alert! URL: Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\App... Infection: HTML:RedirDL-inf [Trj]
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    Lates Taxi Fares PUJ?

    What are the latest taxi fares at PUJ? I need to know how much it is to Juan Dolio and Boca Chica. Thanks in advance!
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    Plan Piloto

    Can anybody confirm that Plan Piloto is still in "Calle Rep?blica del Ecuador", close to "La Feria"?
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    Real Estate Transfer Taxes

    What are the current taxes for transferring a real estate property to a new owner?
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    Totally independent of Electrical Power Company

    Somebody told me that you need a special license issued by the "Superintendencia de Electricidad" if you want to be totally independent from power companies. Is that true?
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    Transfer Tax for Vehicles

    Does anybody know what the actual transfer tax for used motor vehicles is? Thanks in advance!
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    Contaminated Products in Dominican Republic

    Which products can one still buy in the DR without taking a risk at one's health and well being? According to this El Caribe ? Decomisan m?s de 133 mil productos con heces de ratas y cucarachas 133,908 contaminated products, unfit for human consumption, full of rat pooh-pooh and cockroaches were...
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    Immigration Website is up again!

    The most important things for snowbirds at first glance: Looks like the tourist card is good for 60 days now and the overstay fees are still in place.
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    Legal Age to drive a Motor Scooter

    What is the minimum age for driving a motor scooter and is a drivers license required? I mean the real legal terms, not common practice. Any info is appreciated.
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    Question for the Weather Experts

    Is this heat wave just a temporary phenomena or is it global warming? We are not even in summer yet and the temperature reaches 36 to 37 degrees Celsius in the shadow every day now for at least the last 2 weeks.
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    Spare parts for Bmw X5...

    How difficult or expensive are spare parts for a BMW X5 compared to other "Jeepetas" like e.g. Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai etc.?
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    Scheduled Flights Puerto Plata - Punta Cana

    Hello everybody, does anybody know if there are still scheduled flights from Puerto Plata to Punta Cana? According to the SAP website there are no scheduled flights at the moment. Thanks!
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    Caribe Tours Prices

    What are the current prices for Caribe Tours Santo Domingo - Santiago, Santo Domingo - Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo - Sosua?
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    Flights to Costa Rica

    Are there any direct flights from Dominican Republic (any airport) to Costa Rica?