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    Did anyone feel that?

    House rattled good from that one
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    Satellite Internet?

    It's faster than anything i can get in a rural setting back in Canada, i have 0 complaints about it, it's 10 x fast dl speed and min 3x the ul speed i used to have with my WISP. The ping is more than fine for anything i've used it for, i've hit over 300Mbs down and 10 Mbs up. I'd love to have it...
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    Satellite Internet?

    I have the service in Canada, upload speed is usually around 7-10Mbps , download speed average is between 70-300Mbps , most importantly there are no more millisecond interuptions every hour, the connection is stable now (at least in my area there are enough satellites in place) Way faster...
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    Punta Cana flight to Toronto

    Some potential great news for everyone but the ostrich club
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    Your Favorite Fruit in The D.R.

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    Tablet Screen Repair

    Hello, I was wondering if there was anywhere i could go to have the screen replaced on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? The screen is basically shattered but still functions (can click/open things). Any help is appreciated. Thank You