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    SD Dentist recommendation for Zoom tooth whitening

    Can anyone recommend a Dentist in the Colonial Zone/Gasque area that does Zoom tooth whitening at a good price? I had it done 5 or 6 years ago and I believe the price was $200. That Dentist no longer practices in SD. Thanks!
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    Bus from Santo Domingo to Las Terranas?

    I am currently in SD and want to take a bus to Las Terranas. I used Caribe Tours in the past to go to Samana but they don't have Las Terranas on their schedule. Can someone tell me what bus company goes to Las Terranas? Thanks.
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    Swine Flu in DR?

    The following excert is from a story on the AOL Homepage relative to the spread of Swine Flu."Chile also confirmed its first two swine flu cases Sunday in two women who arrived on a flight from the Dominican Republic. The women, ages 25 and 32, are hospitalized and in good condition, Health...
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    Melia Hotel with a guest

    I am planning on staying at the Melia Hotel and I am booking a room for two. If I put my girlfriend's name on the register can she check in after I get there or does she have to be there when I check in? Thanks in advance!
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    Text message minutes charge with Orange

    I am wondering if there is a minutes charge for sending text messages with Orange phone service. Thanks!
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    Remote message access of Claro phone from USA

    I am in the USA and I would like to access my voice messages that are on my DR Claro/Codetel phone. I have only been out of the DR for a week so the DR phone and number is still current.Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    Hotel in San Juan De La Maguana

    Can anyone give me a recommendation for a good hotel in San Juan De La Maguana? I've searched the forum and there is not very recent information. Thanks!
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    Jaragua Hotel Gym rates

    Can anyone tell me what the membership fee is to the Jaragua Hotel gym and pool for a yearly membership and for a one week pass. Thanks!
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    Spanish lessons in Colonial Zone?

    A friend is going to be in Santo Domingo in the Colonial Zone from 4/17-27. He asked me if there was a school or place nearby where he could take Spanish lessons a couple of hours a day. He has some basic knowledge of Spanish and is at a beginners level. Does anyone know where I could direct...
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    Discovery Hotel phone number

    Does anybody have the phone number for the Discovery Hotel? I have tried to email them from their website but it keeps kicking back as undeliverable and the phone number is not listed there.Thanks in advance!
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    Sofitel Frances guest friendly?

    Does anyone know if the Sofitel Frances is guest friendly? Thanks.
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    Where is Karavan?

    There is an internet dating site and many of the girls are listed as being from Karavan in the Dominican Republic. I am led to believe that Karavan is actually Santo Domingo and that this "Karavan" is a software or translation glitch. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks!
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    National Police Shakedown yesterday

    Yesterday morning while driving my rental car in the Colonial Zone I was pulled over by 2 National Police officers who said I was speeding(I was'nt).One of them got in my vehicle and told me if I did'nt give him $100 American dollars he would arrest me and take him to jail.My Spanish is somewhat...
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    How long is my Verizon cell number good for?

    I have a Motorola phone with Verizon service.I have'nt used it for 3 months.I am wondering if my phone number will still be valid when I return to the DR in a couple of weeks?Thanks
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    Melia Hotel Gym

    Hi ........I have gone to the Melia Hotel gym several times and paid a day rate of RD250.I have heard that that the price has increased considerably.Does anyone know what they are charging now?Thanks
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    Phone number blocking

    I don't want the area code 809 or "international" to show when I call back home when I'm on vacation.Does anyone know if it is possible to block your DR number from showing on caller ID when you call someone from the states?
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    Cotui information requested

    I'm going to the DR next week and may spend a couple of days in Cotui where a friend is living.I'm sure he'll be able to show me around once I get there but I am wondering if anyone has information about the Town,Hotels and nightlife.Thanks
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    AA and late Baggage

    I just returned from a trip to Santo Domingo from 4/11-4-21.On arrival at Santo Domingo I discovered AA did'nt have my baggage.They dropped it off at the hotel 1 and 1/2 days later. On the return trip to Boston they did'nt have my luggage either.I still have'nt gotten it.They act like it's...
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    Nextel phone in dr?

    I was recently in sd and my US Nextel phone registered no service.Is there any way to have it activated for use in the DR.Thanks..........Acmike
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    Apart-hotel Esmeralda info

    Hi.....I'm going to DR on saturday and am staying at the Apart-hotel Eesmeralda in the Guave district in Santo Domingo.I am wondering if anyone can give me any info about this hotel.Thanks......Acmike