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    Peraltas bros

    Has anyone use them recently? I would like to get a few things ship from Santiago to Ottawa - huge desk - few furnitures - maybe 6-8 box - 6 monitors - a few chairs is peraltas bro my best option?
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    Looking for a refrigerator + inverter technician in Santiago

    Looking for a technician in Santiago, please let me know if you know anyone for either refrigeration or inverters (or both!)
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    Best place to watch UFC in Santiago?

    Have some friends coming over and we want to go watch UFC somewhere next Sunday , looking for some recommendations Places i already considered but not sure if they broadcast it - gallo pellon - foodtropolis if somebody know any other decent place in Santiago that usually play UFC please let...
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    question about domestic workers law

    Hi, I am moving soon to another city and firing the person that was working for us. She worked 3x/week for the past 3 year. I would like to know what do I owe her for "firing" her? Thanks
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    rent deposits question

    I have been scouting a few house in Santiago and so far all the agents I have talked to are telling me the same thing, 1 or 2 deposit and 1 month extra pay the agent fee. They are all telling me this is like this in Santiago I have been living in SD for 7 years, 3 different house, I have never...
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    Looking for a house in Santiago / Jarabacoa

    Hello! I am looking to move from Santo Domingo (finally had enough after 6 years lol) to either Jarabacoa or Santiago. Was wondering if anyone here could refer me to a good real estate agent to look at a few house? I have never liver in Santiago and don't know the city that much, wich zona...
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    Questions about US tourist visa

    Hi! So here is our situation, I am Canadian (29yrs old) my GF is 24yrs old, we have a baby together (1year) and have been together for a while. I would like to visit the USA this summer for 2-3 weeks with them if possible, me and my baby not a problem since we both have our Canadian passport...
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    Question about Cabarete

    Hi! First just want to say I have been living and exploring DR for the past 5+ years so I understand how it is on the island! Always lived in Santo Domingo but im getting tired of it and looking for new option. I really enjoy when I come for a weekend in Cabarete, always feel like I...
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    Looking to trade/buy EURO

    hi everyone, I am looking to buy a large sum of Euro's, If you are trading your euro's to the bank or casa de cambia I can give you a better rate... Just let me know I live in Santo Domingo
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    looking for a house inspector in Santo Domingo

    Hello everyone! I have been living/renting a house for over 3 years in Santo Domingo / Arroyo Hondo and im interested in buying it. I have a good idea of the dammages and what has to be done around the house but I really dont know much about real estate, value, or cost of those dammages. im...
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    Problem with inversor + computer.

    Hey Guys! I am having a really big problem with my computer and inversor lately and it's starting to get really frustrating. I'm not sure how it started because this inversor is less then 2 year old, with brand new battery but for some reason it can't take my computer anymore, everytime the...
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    Looking for tennis and golf coach

    If you know anyone serious in Santo Domingo please let me know.
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    Information about traveling to Panama

    I need some information about how I can travel with my wife, dominicana of course to Panama. Dominican passport + return ticket is enough? Or she needs a visa? If thats the case is it complicated to obtain? I want to leave around the 5-10 of january for a period of 7-10 days. Sent from my...
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    Question regarding house contract.

    My contract for the house i am renting finished begining of this month, so its been 1 year. I just want to know do we need to sign a new contract every year to be valid or if i didnt sign any new contract/paper but payed my rent at the begining of the month its like im accepting to follow with...
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    Looking for refrigerator parts

    I am looking for some parts that are broken for my refrigerator, the plastic panel that goes inside the door I looked online and didnt find nothing, anyone have an idea where i could get those parts for this in Santo Domingo or online? Whirlpool model # LWT8506a Thanks.
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    Adderall in DR?

    How difficult is it to get a prescription for Aderall? I do not know any doctor here, can i just swing by a doctor office, pay the consultation and he will give me a prescription? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Opening a bank account

    Can a stranger (Canadian) with no residency can open a bank account in the DR easily? If yes, what bank you suggest? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Fresh langosta - SD

    The only place i saw so far that sells Langosta alive in SD is Carrefour. Anyone know other place s that sells it alive? I went to a marisco center, and they only had it froZen They sell it at 500 pesos / pound at carrefour, is that a standard price? I tought it was gonna be cheaper then this.
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    My dog might have eat rat poison - help

    Its not 100% sure, but he might have ate one of the blue blocks of poison rat that was around our house. I had him attach to a leach for last 5 days since we put some around the house but i completely forgot him for 5 minutes and one of the blue block disapear, it just happen 1 hr ago so all...
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    Inundation - apartment - question

    Hi, I have a friend that just got an inundation in his apartment... the calentador exploded or something and it did a huge mess, TV doesnt work anymore some of the furnitures are damaged etc... Owner of the apartment is saying it's not his responsability blablabla and wont give any credit/cash...