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    "Carnaval Dominicano" in Houston

    On Sunday, march 27, Miller Outdoor Theater will have a free screening of the movie "Carnaval Dominicano." Miller Outdoor Theater - Carnival Connection
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    Sonia Pierre in Houston

    From a mailing list I subscribe to:
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    Increase of Dominican CSWs in Haiti

    CSW = Commercial Sex Workers In Postquake Haiti, an Influx of Dominican Prostitutes - TIME Magazine The 2010 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report for the DR can be found here, about 2/3 down the page. Haiti is considered a "special case" and can be found in this PDF link on page 151...
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    Solidaridad Fronteriza

    [Mods- Wasn't sure where to put a NW DR post, so feel free to move to a more appropriate forum] Lots of reports on the DR lately from the Christian Science Monitor . This one about Solidaridad Fronteriza is from Guayub?n, Monte Cristi. Helping migrant workers prove who they are ? and avoid...
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    K1 Visa Interview Immigration to USA

    I posted a similar version of this on DTTUSA but thought it might be helpful to those looking for US visa interview experiences here on DR1 as well. ======== We had our K-1 visa inteview this morning and were approved. Our appointment was for 6:00 am. We arrived at 5:45 am. In my...
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    Dominican to appear on "Project Runway"

    As a huge fan of the show "Project Runway" I was very pleased to see that Season 7 will feature a contestant who claims Santo Domingo as his home town! Project Runway Designers - Emilio Sosa The season will air in the US starting January 14. With this and Martha Heredia's success, maybe the DR...
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    Baseball's Use of DNA

    Very interesting article this morning in the New York Times: Baseball?s Use of DNA Raises Questions Apparently it is becoming common practice to use DNA testing as a way to verify new recruits' age... with a particular focus on Dominican players. I know it's common to falsify birth records...
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    Casa del Conductor - Efficient!

    With over a year driving in Santo Domingo?s chaos, my biggest fear has always been getting into an accident: not just fearing for my health but also in trying to deal with the accident itself. I imagined total confusion and disorder, inefficient police and uncooperative insurance companies...