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    Banresearvas Opens Branch in NYC & Miami

    I wonder if with these branches in the USA will mean USA bank routing numbers somehow in the future.
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    Quick data point of renewing the Residencia Temporal Did everything online a few weeks ago including paying using the Banco Popular debit card following the instructions on the official site. Appointment was set for noon today but I showed up early at around 9:35. Had to show my passport...
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    Expired Residency ? RENEW IT !!

    Do you have a source or a quote of this information by chance ? I would love to read more.
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    USA issued ATM highst DR Limits

    What bank in DR did you try your BoA card at? Scotia Bank is where you would need to try.
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    Banresearvas Opens Branch in NYC & Miami

    Not necessarily means transfer will not be possible even with different swift codes. TD Bank (USA) and TD Canada Trust allow for transfers between accounts, so does RBC and perhaps a few others. HSBC does as well in some other countries.
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    Braided propane gas line

    Indeed the valves might be a superfluous expenses but the yellow pipes are handy to move the appliances to clean behind them.
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    Braided propane gas line

    My apartments had the same pvc in the wall with a rigid pipe inside, but I went to Alamacen Unidos to get valves and proper fittings along with the proper gas line flex hose (yellow in color) just like in North America. I thus have valves for my stove and dryer letting me unhook them without...
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    Will DR be Immune from AI & Digital Control ?

    For a society to be strongly digitally controlled, electricity has to run 24x7 without any issues nor the needs of massive UPS:inverter. It has to be outside the mind of most people and taken for granted. I don’t see that happening here for many years yet although some parts are indeed much...
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    Residence Visa Card

    Those I got before leaving. Although you cansubmit fingerprints taken on FBI cards to various third parties in Canada to submit to the RCMP. And then as far as medical, I would ask the consulate if a notarized note from a DR doctor would be accepted.
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    Residence Visa Card

    I was able to get mine from the Toronto Consulate by sending my passport via FedEx and then flying to and back Puerto Rico to activate it. Took quite a bit of time waiting and Fedex cost.
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    Visiting Haiti to renew tourist visa

    When I activated my Dominican Residence Visa that I received via FedEx from the Dominican Toronto consulate, I flew to San Juan and back in the same morning using Jet Blue. I looked into Haiti but then the thought of safety and also uncertainty of immigration process disused me from that “option”.
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    I need expert electrical advise... need it fast.Why?

    I had to order them from Amazon through EPS.
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    I need expert electrical advise... need it fast.Why?

    Also note that there are thinner double breakers. In my case I used these of entry AC. Part number for dual 30 amps is THQP230
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    Solar Power for off grid applications

    What is your strategy for keeping your solar panels on your property and not stolen away ?
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    Kroil Penetrating Oil

    With Canadian rust and nothing open around a mix of 50/50 acetone and transmission fluid works very very great!
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    Dominican Citizenship

    No I just sent them a letter along with a bank money order in USD (100) and a return envelop pre addressed and pre paid.
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    Dominican Citizenship

    I was able to use courriwrs to send documents to those offices (Xpress post on my case) it worked fine.
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    "It's so beautiful here"

    What made you lean towards Python ?
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    Direct Deposit

    Personably I have taken out 20,000 pesos 10,000 per transaction. I never tried higher. I also do global money transfer from the Canadian Bank to the Dominican one similar to what you describe at RBC. Most bills are paid electric from ScotiaBank DO
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    Medical Insurance

    Fall of 2022 and quite expensive procedures at that.