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    I will not easily forget the videos of Middle Easterners celebrating the WTC's destruction. I wasn't na?ve about anti-USA sentiment, but media gave me a different sensibility. What was the general mood in the DR? Were there celebrations? Does anyone have anecdotal accounts they are willing to...
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    Loco y Medio (Crazy and a Half)

    Recently, in two different municipalities, I witnessed men speaking loudly out into the public with one hand to an ear as if they were speaking into a cell phone. The only problem was that there was no cell phone. I thought this something of a unique phenomenon (I'd seen people preaching/talking...
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    Muchologo v. Todologo

    Of course we know that the suffix -ologist refers to an expert in a particular field of study. The Spanish counterpart is -ologo. Dominicans play on the suffix -ologo with muchologo (mucho = much or a lot) and todologo (todo = everything). Hence, if referred to as muchologo it means that you...
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    El Hoyo (the Hole)

    I was shopping Friusa for a hard to find music accessory the other day without any luck. I asked a "home girl" (never ask a homeboy) and she told me there was a store in "el Hoyo," and she pointed to the street with that name. Fresh from watching all of six /Neil deGrasse Tyson presentations on...
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    Music Instrument Stores in Higuey????

    Need a jam block to practice a pattern on my timbales. There was a music instrument store in Plaza Friusa that's no longer there. Nothing in Bavaro that I've noticed. I'll be in Higuey tomorrow. Maybe something there someone knows about. You know anything Rubio? Thanks.
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    Amazons in Higuey

    Got back Wednesday with some business in Higuey on Thursday the 14th. I was reminded that the annual 4-day local celebration of Dominican Patron Saint La Virgen de Altagracia (the Virgen Mary) would begin on Thursday. The feast is marked by bovine (Higuey is known as the capital of cattle...
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    Applause @ PUJ

    Last week I was checking in for a departing flight from PUJ when applause broke out. I turned to look but could not identify the cause. When heading towards my gate, however, I noticed a handcuffed man on the ground with his woman companion standing over him, luggage by her side, and both were...
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    Okay, as I understand it, "amargue" was the original name for what we know as bachata. Also, we know that the literal translation of amargue is bitter; hence, bachata is music that describes the bittersweet of love and romance. As I stated in the Romeo thread, it's similar to blues (which...
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    Ever been called un(a) verdugo(a)? Ever hear the word said and wondered what on Earth it meant? Guilty and guilty. Today, I heard it again. I was shopping at an Iberia today when some girls (workers) referred to someone as a verdugo. When I got back home I decided to myself out of the misery...
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    Do you own any? Why? Why not? Any other thoughts regarding the attire? How about guayaberas for women?
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    Beach Erosion

    Over the last couple to three weeks its been quite a phenomenon watching the erosion of beach sand by the sea and it leaving a wall of sand about two feet high that day-by-day moves closer to the real property along the east coast strip. I asked a seaweed remover about this and he returned that...
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    Beach Fireworks

    The beach I frequent on the east coast has a row of hotels and their beaches in each lateral direction. Every now and then I can hear fireworks being set off on the beach hotels. I asked some security people along the beach about the "works" and they suggested that the hotels sell fireworks...
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    BPD Online

    I've been busy but lurking nevertheless. I hope you all are well. To the point, I opened a Banco Popular dollar account w/online access (username, and password validity were confirmed with successful access from the bank branch). I've not been able to access from home in Bavaro though. I've...
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    Friday the 13th

    Are Dominicans superstitious about Friday the 13th? If so/not, what other days are they superstitious of?
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    Flame Trees

    The flamboyans are displaying their flamboyant flames, and will do so through to September. Appropriately named for their flaming flamboyant character, they are to me one of the environmental highlights of the DR (una de sus "chulerias"). Is their a place where they cluster so as to generate a...
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    Una Golondrina No Hace Un Verano

    As a lifetime NE US citizen I was always intrigued by the stories of the Return of the Swallows to Capistrano and curious about the saying ?One Swallow Doesn?t Make a Summer.? I knew swallows were small, I thought they were mixed in with the sparrows and wrens, and so never had a physical sense...
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    Hard Rock

    Is there anything else like the Hard Rock Sports Casino in the DR? I'm looking at a zillion screens w/every live sports event possible, while at once posting to dr1. I'm watching hockey and baseball after enjoying a great horse race. I tipped a guy a U.S. fiver and he gave me a bunch of...
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    La Zona

    Those that have been following my threads might sense that I like, amongst many other things, language (linguistics) in general, and the common speak in particular. Although probably no big thing, I'm coming to the realization that Dominican speak for the tourist East is "la Zona." With all...
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    Another Deslinde Question

    Over the past year I’ve made a number of inquiries regarding an impending deslinde. Most recently, Bronzie related to a question with her personal experience and Mr. Guzman confirmed the law involved. This feedback gave me needed confidence in subsequent meetings with surveyor(s)...
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    Fun facts about the number 1000 (mil) in the DR

    The DR was one of the few nations willing to accept Jews at the advent of WW II. In 1939 they signed an agreement to admit 1000 Czech and Polish Jews so as to allow them to create settlements on the North Coast. It’s ironic that so humanitarian a gesture would coincide with Trujillist Rule...