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    National Margarita Day 2020 is today feb. 22

    love margaritas!!! i didn´t know there was a day to celebrate them. well happy day margarita!!!
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    Please help me find my beloved friend!

    did you tred in social media? is the most efectivily way to find someone if want to be found
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    Starbucks in the DR

    honestly it is very good coffee, but god, the prices ! good for those who can afford them, I personally could not afford a daily coffee expense in this place
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    great team, thanks for letting us know and thanks for the team for all the effort.
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    Noticias interesantes

    completamente de acuerdo, son temas que ya no deberian existir, sin embargo, cambian lentamente, y aunque se supone que estan superadas, todavia siguen suciendo aun en nuestros tiempos y cientos de años despues, siguen pasando
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    Blogs about Spanish

    as far as I know are kind of same thing, are´nt they?
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    Beach Openings

    well, life as we know it is changing, that's a fact, and what you say is not far from being true, nothing can assure that this same phenomenon is seen with sharks
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    Love the new forum

    i like it a lot, thank you
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    Dominican Republic – Coronavirus Covid-19: Bulletin #41/28 April 2020

    for sure is a bad situation for all the world, no one could imagine this scenario