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    PRM sweeps municipal elections

    I am pretty sure it is Willy "El Chamo" with some other smaller supporting parties
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    Santiago now has direct flights to Europe

    And NADA to POP... when I came down here 20+ years ago, there were a LOT of flights from many European countries. And now almost NADA. Aerodom, puking
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    Everyone will need to get a new cedula in 2024?

    It will be interesting to see what happens in Argentina with Milei. My cedula expires 2032 so... well we will see. The hazzle of going to the Capital is a pain in the a**
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    Exchange rate changes during Christmas/New Year - 8% more for my EUR than 2 weeks ago

    ATM and this month for sure EUR! More money!! ;) And probably short term EUR. Long term, USD/GBP and some BTC. Not at all bullish on EU economy. My answer was only made for the question why the EUR/Peso USD/Peso has changed lately. Then the world has changed so much lately and that will probably...
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    Exchange rate changes during Christmas/New Year - 8% more for my EUR than 2 weeks ago

    Very true, my message was unclear. But yes it is fluctuating this time of year, this time Peso down.... EUR/USD... 10% different on the world market, but yes USD is the currency to have here. Then the EUR has strengthened significantly the last 3 month vs USD, 5% or so I think
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    Exchange rate changes during Christmas/New Year - 8% more for my EUR than 2 weeks ago

    I noticed that I got about 8% more for my EUR than 2 weeks ago. It usually happens this time of year. The effect of money transfers from Dominicans abroad or something else? Longer trend? Thoughts?
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    Music and More in Cabarete

    Sad. Not going there, but not that long they built nice houses for them there so I thought it gonna be nice families in there. Sad to hear that tigueres are still there
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    Hydrofoil Surfing in Cabarete

    Bc you never done it. Happy New Year
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    Hydrofoil Surfing in Cabarete

    More fun?!?
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    Hydrofoil Surfing in Cabarete

    ballet and kitesurfing are two different sports Impressve skills!. But damn boring. Kitesurfing is another animal. But yes these wings for rivers, where it is difficult to rig the lines – fine
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    Why are Braces so desirable

    Maybe some are real, but I assume it is less than 5%.
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    Why are Braces so desirable

    I remember when I went down to Bavaro/Punta Cana like 8 years ago. Went to a car wash in Bavaro, actually Fruisa which is a "barrio". Next to the car wash there was a business called Doctor Braces. I went there while waiting bc I thought it was funny. It was 800 pesos, the braces doing...
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    Tortugas trabajando... bueno. The people in charge of this is a sad joke
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    I guess in the stats it would be less than 90 % because of all the North Coast cruise ships, sometimes 3 a day... but yes, only daytrip. For sure 90% that stays longer than a week. When i came down here 2001 it was around 65 % of flights that went to POP, Now what, 5-8%? Sad, since I like the...
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    UFC 294 in Puerto Plata

    Thank you! Sent you a PM.
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    UFC 294 in Puerto Plata

    Anybody know a sports bar that will have it Saturday 2 PM? It is PPV. TIA
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    Abinader cuts a lot of ribbons on Saturday, 1 July in Puerto Plata

    I guess he avoided to talk about the Cangrejo bridge, the most important thing
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    Sosua becoming a food desert

    Que Lo Que Uptown is moving to Colombia... (source: post on Facebook). Done with DR.
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    New US warning about travel to DR

    Wrong. Before this we were level 1 (normal exercise of caution), now level 2 (increased travel caution). Then we do not care that live here, but potential tourist might.
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    Privately funded projects on the North Coast

    I saw the map... and yes they mention Kite Beach Hotel, Kite Club, but not Ocean front properties like Extreme, Pelican and that big complex ocean side next to Pelican (Ocean Point 2?, same builder as Ocean Point). And yes it must be to the northeast of Dulce Vida right? Where will they have...