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    Optic Store in Bavaro ?

    Saludos does anyone of you guys,know if ther is an optic store in Bavaro or P.Cana area ? i mean a store where i can order for my SIGHT glasses(i have already my doctor's prescription) not only sunglasses. Gracias
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    Car Buying !?!

    Hola a todos I am interested in buying a car in Bavaro area(El Cortecito). My budget is 120.000-150.000 DR Pesos. Any suggestions here or in pm would be much appreciated.
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    Chiropractic in Bavaro ???

    Hola a todos. Do you know if i can find a chiropractic in Bavaro area(El Cortecito,Friusa etc)?
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    Lawyer for getting Dominican Passport in Bavaro Area

    Hola everyone i am looking for a good reliable lawyer in Bavaro area(preferably in Cortecito,Friusa etc) for obtaining a dominican passport.I live in DR for the past 3 years and i have my cedula for the last 6 months. Thank you in advance...
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    Bavaro/Punta Cana/La Romana Clinics/Hospitals ?

    Hola a Todos I am about to move in Bavaro/Punta Cana area and i am wondering if there are GOOD medical facilities(clinicas) in this area(bav/punta c/la romana). I have some minor health problems and it is basic for me to know that there is some decent medical stuff nearby just in case... Gracias
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    Rental Long Term in Bavaro

    Hola a todos We are looking for LONG TERM(6+ months) in Bavaro area with theese characteristics 1.INTERNET,24Hours Electricity+Safety(prefer gated community or so),Pool 2.To be near shops,super markets,banks etc because we don t have a car 3.Mensual budget 600-700 usd INCLUDING EVERYTHING We...
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    What happening with Las Canas in Sosua ?????

    Buenos Dias does anyone knows if there is any problem with Las Canas Residencial in Sosua?I am trying to reach the administrator Judy Rae to book for rent for many days and i can not neither via telephone(809 5711994) nor mobile(809 4197891) and she does not answer my e-mails... Any ideas or...
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    Question about residencial procedures...

    Buenos Dias,Good Morning I have one question for anyone know and want to help me.I want to make the application for residency here in DR...The question is about the blood test and that's because i had some "joints" the last month and noone can tell me (i asked 3 lawyers already) for how much...